8 reasons to get an eye test

Ask any health professional and they’ll tell you regular eye tests can help prevent avoidable illnesses.

Here are eight reasons why you should get your eyes tested at a local opticians:

1. You only get one pair – and you can’t replace eyes once sight has gone

2. Eyes don’t always hurt if there’s something wrong

3. Potentially blinding conditions, like glaucoma, can be detected early in an eye test

4. Other health problems – for instance diabetes or heart conditions – can be spotted in an eye exam

5. Early detection means a better chance of curing conditions

6. Healthy eyesight is fundamental to getting the most out of life

7. Poor eyesight is dangerous on the roads – if you drive you have a legal standard of eyesight you have to meet

8. Regular examinations help ensure any correction you need is the best available.

Minimise the effect of VDUs

There are simple steps that can be taken to prevent unncessary strain and minimise the symptoms of screen fatigue. These incude:-

  • Take frequent breaks
  • Make your work station 'eye friendly'
  • Minimise screen glare
  • Have regular eye examinations

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