Invigorate your sales team with the help of Edenred’s innovative rewards and sales incentive plans to reward your sales team

Edenred can help you to power up the performance of your sales team through our extensive offering of innovative, easy to set up rewards and sales incentive plans. Helping you to boost motivation within your teams to reach targets quicker with less time managing programs, and more time maximising success.

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Incentivise your sales team with reward schemes from Edenred

There’s a fine line between falling short on targets and smashing them, which is something anyone in business will know. And, with people being key to smashing those targets, incentivising sales teams couldn’t be more important for businesses in every field.

Here at Edenred, we have a variety of innovative sales incentive programs that’ll provide you with the software and reward mechanisms to set up, manage, and deliver targeted incentives that make a real difference to your employees' performance. 

Whether it’s fast and simple reward eCodes, prepaid cards, or a fully automated platform solution, we have the sales incentive solutions to help you build stronger relationships with your sales teams.

Overall, our sales incentive plans can help you by:

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    Inspiring performance

    Offering the right rewards and recognition to in-house sales teams to inspire peak performance and smash targets

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    Reducing admin

    • Helping to reduce the heavy admin involved in running sales incentive schemes and paying out rewards
  • Offering choice to sales employees

    Offering choice

    Offering a choice to sales team members to choose a reward that most excites them

Discover Edenred’s sales incentive plans

Knowing what it is your employees want and need is key, which is where Edenred can help. Our expert knowledge of employee engagement and experience is what makes our incentive solutions stand out from the crowd.

From incentive software and prepaid cards to rewards that make a real difference to performance, our solutions tap into what makes your sales teams tick, and therefore perform better and stay longer.

Here's a look at Edenred's sales incentive schemes for recognising and rewarding your sales team:

Prepaid cards

From a one-off to regular payments, including bonuses, these prepaid Mastercards® are safe, secure, and convenient. Cards include:

  • Ticket Restaurant® for a tasty treat 
  • Compliments® for multi-store shopping 
  • Incentive Award, to spend at millions of retailers within the Mastercard® network
Hand holding iPhone with Ticket Restaurant, Compliments and Incentive Award card

Select reward eCodes

Easy to use and easy to redeem, rewards of any value can be sent to recipients wherever they are in minutes, and redeemed at a huge number of leading brands across the UK.

Why Edenred’s solutions for incentivising sales teams are for all businesses

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    Simple and innovative

    Our solutions are both simple and innovative and can work across internal sales and field sales, whether employees are working from an office or at home

  • Hassle-free solutions icon

    Quick, free and hassle-free

    Our solutions provide quick, easy and hassle-free onboarding, and require no costly development work

  • Access to retailers icon

    Access to 000's of retailers

    Our solutions provide access to a large network of retailers for the best choice of eGift cards

  • Performance and return on investment icon

    Improve performance and ROI

    Our solutions allow you to mine data and analytics to drive more intelligence to help improve performance and ROI

See how you can fire up your sales teams with our incentive solutions

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