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At Edenred, we provide you with employee wellbeing platforms that put your team first.

Look after your business by looking after your employees with the help of Edenred’s employee wellbeing platforms and solutions, which can help to boost employee experience, motivate your team, and lead them to succeed.

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What is an employee wellbeing platform?

All businesses are run by people, and ensuring you take care of those people will ensure that they take care of your business. Here at Edenred, we work to ensure that you can do this with the help of our employee wellbeing programmes to improve engagement, motivation, and performance to drive productivity, innovation, efficiency, quality, and increase revenue. Through the Edenred platform, your employees can get access wellbeing solutions they need from cycle to work schemes, to gym discounts and so much more!

Our corporate wellness solutions are designed to work for all employees to ensure engagement is maintained across your entire workforce. Because, when businesses have higher engagement they’ve been found to have higher productivity, customer satisfaction, profitability, and lower employee turnover and absenteeism when compared to those with lower engagement.


Discover how our employee wellbeing platform can benefit your business!

Edenred's health and wellbeing solutions are designed to help you:

  • Increase wellbeing performance feature image

    Increase performance

    Support a wider employee health and wellbeing strategy to increase performance and reduce the cost of sickness absence

  • Support employee wellbeing feature image

    Support wellbeing

    Show employees you're an employer that cares about their health and wellbeing at work with benefits and vouchers they'll love

  • Reduce admin, maintaining wellbeing at work feature image

    Reduce admin

    Reduce the administration that comes with implementing and maintaining corporate wellbeing software

Why do you need an employee wellbeing platform?

While we know that employees are the key to the success of any businesses, it’s also been found that:

  • More than 30% of employees felt benefits on offer to them did not support them throughout 2020 
  • Only 41% of employees felt adequately supported by their employer regarding their physical wellbeing

At Edenred, our employee wellbeing solutions help to deliver a range of employee benefits, recognition, rewards, and incentives to help everyday connections with your employees to build a stronger, more positive culture for success.

Employee feeling benefits from health and wellbeing solutions

Increase the health and wellbeing of your employees through our range of solutions.

Employee discounts 

  • Employee discounts are a fantastic way to support your employees' mental wellbeing at work
  • Our lifestyle savings platform features hundreds of discounts from the UK’s top brands across various categories including groceries, tech and home and leisure
  • Receive discounts from a range of health and wellbeing products and services, including gym memberships
  • Reduce any financial woes employees may have with our savings platform 

Cycle to Work

  • Helping with physical wellbeing while also helping to improve the wellbeing of the planet
  • Employees can save on the cost of a new bike and accessories for their commute to work through Tax and NI savings of up to 42%
  • Minimal admin required a sit's free to setup and operate
Cycle to Work scheme


  • Every employee is different, which means your perks won’t work for everyone Flex allows your employees the flexibility to pick and choose the health and wellbeing benefits that matter to them, whenever they want
  • From health and dental insurance to Gymflex, health screening, and critical illness cover
  • Fully customisable platform with minimal admin for setup
Flexible benefits platform screengrab

Ticket Restaurant card 

  • A handy prepaid card that can be used to support the cost of grocery shops, dining out or eating in
  • An ideal employee incentive, reward or perk to support the financial wellbeing of employees 
  • Can be used at various restaurants, cafés, and food outlets in the Mastercard® network.
Ticket restaurant card screengrab

Employee benefits partners

Help to boost the physical and financial wellbeing of your employees with our employee benefits partners. Offering a diverse choice of employee benefits, there’s something here that’ll appeal to all segments of your workforce.

Employee benefits partners to boost financial wellbeing feature image

Support employee wellbeing with an employee assistance programme (EAP)

With the current economic climate, now is a more crucial time than ever to support employee wellbeing. As an add-on to the Savings platform our employee assistance programme provides your team access to confidential support to address financial, emotional or health challenges they may be facing.

Benefits for scheme administrators image

Why Edenred’s employee wellbeing solutions are for all businesses

  • Easy to use icon

    Easy to use

    They’re easy-to-use and implement within your business. You'll also have a team of experienced experts guiding you through every step

  • Support financial wellbeing icon

    Support wellbeing

    They can help to support the financial and physical health and overall wellbeing of your employees

  • Trusted partner icon

    Trusted partner

    These solutions are trusted by thousands of companies and have an excellent Trustpilot rating

  • Creative and communications icon

    Creative & Comms

    Intelligent creative and communications can help to drive employee engagement and participation in your scheme

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