Provide children with a safe mode of travel with Edenred Select 'home to school’

  • Meet the requirements of the Department for Education statutory guidance
  • Provide necessary support for children to travel to and from school
  • An efficient method for local authorities to provide funding for bikes and accessories through digital vouchers

An appreciated and highly rated voucher delivery scheme

Edenred’s Select eCodes are the multiple award-winning solution used for the delivery of the Free School Meals voucher scheme and has a 95.8% satisfaction rating, based on 1 million user surveys over the last two years. It rated highly for ease of use, choice and clear communications.

Halfords and Edenred making it one step easier for children to get to school

In an exclusive partnership with Halfords, the Edenred Select ‘home to school’ scheme has been designed to help local authorities deliver funding to children, in the form of a digital voucher, to help meet their obligations under the Department for Education statutory guidance.

The digital voucher can be exchanged for a ‘letter of redemption’ which can be redeemed online or in any Halfords store to select their bike and accessories, such as cycle helmets, which can then be used for cycling to and from school.

The guidance ensures no child of compulsory school age is prevented from accessing education by a lack of or cost of transport. And with the rising cost of living and climate change, free travel to school by bike is a valuable and sustainable solution for many families.


A wide range of bikes and accessories available at Halfords

Halfords is the UK’s leading cycle supplier, providing bikes to 1000s of families each year for all their commuting and leisure needs.

  • A wide network of 400+ stores nationwide
  • A wide range of bikes and accessories are available, from types of bikes to accessories such as child safety seats and trailers, bike locks and chains, and cycle helmets.
  • Mandatory purchase of bike helmet with all bikes to ensure child safety
  • All bikes come with a free six-week safety check and Halfords brand bikes come with a lifetime warranty

Benefits for local authorities

  • Quick and easy-to-use scheme, fully compliant with the Department for Education statutory guidance
  • Promote sustainable, greener travel to school whilst boosting health and wellbeing
  • Reduce the number of cars, congestion, and pollution in and around local schools
  • Fair, fast, and efficient distribution of financial support, which is restricted to the purchase of a bike and associated safety equipment
  • Clear reporting, tracking and control to view the status of orders, eCode distribution, and use, with options to cancel or resend
  • A full refund of any funds not redeemed by the recipient within a specified timescale, with no hidden costs.

Benefits for families

  • Quick and easy exchange of eCodes for a wide choice of bikes and accessories
  • Improves the health and wellbeing of children through regular cycling, encouraging a healthy lifestyle
  • A cost-effective way of getting the kids to and from school, helping to reduce petrol or public transport costs in a challenging economic environment
  • Removes admin for parents/carers, such as the submission of receipts and other supporting travel expenses

How Select home to school eCodes work

Quick and easy, our Select eCodes provide you with a simple and effective way to provide financial support, but also provide minimal effort to be redeemed once received. This is how they work.

  • Number 1 icon

    Place an order for eCodes online.

  • Number 2 icon

    Choose how to distribute eCodes to recipients. Either use our online ordering system to send them by email or download eCodes in bulk.

  • Number 3 icon

    The recipient receives a unique 16-digit eCode with a value. They then go online or to any Halfords store to redeem their eCode for a chosen bike and accessories.

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