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Wondering how to motivate employees with incentives? Edenred's employee motivation tools are perfect for all businesses

From employee motivation platforms to rewards and incentives, Edenred's employee incentive schemes provide easy-to-use tools and hassle-free ways to motivate employees creating a positive culture for your employees. Boost employee motivation at work, wellbeing and business performance.

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Discover effective ways to motivate employees with Edenred's rewards and incentives

  • Employee motivation is key to the success of any business. Keeping your employees engaged and motivated will help you retain the best talent and boost business performance.
  • More than 200,000 employees note motivation at work as the strongest driver for engagement, and with businesses with a higher engagement noting a 21% better profitability and productivity to those that don’t, finding the right employee reward program is key.
  • However, the right mix of perks, employee benefits, incentives can differ from business to business and from employee to employee. This is why we ensure our products can be catered to a wide range of businesses, and those businesses can tailor our products to best suit their employees.


Discover the right solution for your business!

Select eCodes vouchers the perfect year end reward

Give a festive 'thank you'

Show your appreciation to employees for their hard work in 2023 with a personalised reward which supports financial wellbeing.

  • Our select eCodes vouchers and prepaid gift cards offer huge choice for employees at the UK's top online and high street brands.
  • Our prepaid gift cards can also be redeemed at local businesses to support your local community.
  • Quick and easy to set up, with minimal admin and hassle.

Plan ahead and get the perfect gift ready to go in no time at all - get in touch to find out more today.

Why you need an employee reward scheme with Edenred

  • Motivated employees jumping after succeeding


    Motivate employees to create the ideal environment/experience for them to perform and succeed

  • Improve employee engagement


    Improve employee engagement, which can help to improve business performance while retaining the best employees

  • Motivate a diverse workforce with employee reward schemes


    Motivate a diverse workforce in a consistent way across the business with staff incentives

  • Motivate employees in a post-pandemic world.


    Motivating employees in a post-pandemic world with our digital solutions ensures you can engage and connect with your team whether they’re in the office or at home.

Motivating employees with rewards and recognition platforms from Edenred

Not sure which of our tools will work best for you? Here’s a little overview of what we can provide for you and your employees.

Select reward eCodes

  • Reward your employees, customers, or channel partners
  • Send digital reward eCodes of any value, to anyone, wherever they are.
  • These can then be redeemed by recipients against a huge range of reward options at retailers across the country.


  • Our lifestyle savings platform features hundreds of discounts from the UK’s top brands across various sectors.
  • A fantastic way to help with employee financial wellbeing, which can also be used to provide the ultimate loyalty perk for customers or membership organisations.
  • Employee savings are even easier and quicker with our handy mobile app.

Incentive Award card

  • Prepaid and brandable, these prepaid cards can be used at millions of retailers within the Mastercard® network.
  • Safe and secure, you can prepay any amount as a one-off or on a regular basis.
Incentive Award prepaid cards

Ticket Restaurant card

Another handy prepaid card, these can be used to indulge in a tasty treat at one of the many, many, restaurants in the Mastercard® network.

Employee benefits partners

Help to boost the physical and financial wellbeing of your employees with our employee benefits partners. Offering a diverse choice of employee benefits, there’s something here that’ll appeal to all segments of your workforce.

Boost financial wellbeing with employee benefit partners

Why Edenred’s employee reward schemes are for everyone

  • Easy to set up incentives icon

    Easy set up

    Our digital solutions are easy to set up and maintain, making them accessible

  • Trusted by thousands

    Trusted by 000s

    We’re trusted by thousands of companies and hold high satisfaction survey scores and Trustpilot ratings

  • Intelligent communications

    Intelligent communications

    We provide intelligent communications, which work to drive employee engagement in your motivation scheme

  • Engaging UX icon

    Personalised experience

    Our tools can help you offer a personalised, branded experience for employees, ensuring that any motivational benefits are truly appreciated

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  • Employee Discounts

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  • Select Incentive eCodes

    Select eCodes make it easy for any organisation to send personalised eCodes rewards to employees in 3 simple steps

  • Platforms overview

    Edenred offers a comprehensive solution for companies to enhance employee engagement and motivation find the perfect solution for your business

  • Prepaid cards

    Discover a secure, efficient, and engaging way of paying out rewards and incentives with prepaid cards

  • Eyecare vouchers

    The Edenred eyecare vouchers scheme enables organisations to protect their employees' physical wellbeing and eye health, with an easy to use management program

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