Help to incentivise, motivate and engage your call and contact centre workers with a variety of quick and easy solutions from Edenred.

With the help of Edenred’s tried and tested solutions, you’ll be able to solve any retention and performance challenges in your sales, customer retention, or customer service teams with a variety of innovative solutions.

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Motivate and engage employees with call centre incentives at Edenred

Keeping teams motivated is key to the success of any business, not only for sales and growth, but to ensure you retain and attract the best talent around.

For call and contact centres, employee turnover can be high, however, with the right incentives you can combat this by providing them with perks that benefit them.

Companies that are more engaged with their employees have been found to experience greater profitability and productivity of 21% when compared to those that aren’t.

At Edenred, our tried, tested, and innovative call centre incentives can help to:

    • Retain current employees
    • Prevent high employee turnover
    • Encourage cross-team working
    • Encourage consistency of objectives across teams and departments with the right rewards
    • Reduce heavy admin by launching and managing performance incentive and reward schemes
  • Make flexible working easier to manage
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Discover incentivising solutions from Edenred

Prepaid cards

Whether it’s a one-off or a regular payment, these prepaid Mastercards® are safe, secure, and convenient. Cards include:

  • Ticket Restaurant® for a tasty treat
  • Compliments® for multi-store shopping
  • Incentive Award, to spend at millions of retailers within the Mastercard® network
Hand holding iPhone with prepaid Ticket Restaurant, Incentive Award and Compliments card

Select reward eCodes

Easy to use, these can be sent to recipients wherever they are in minutes, can be of any value, and can be easily redeemed at a huge number of UK brands.

Connect Recognition

Build an online community where call-centre employees can engage in peer-to-peer social recognition to show employees how much they’re appreciated, while bringing the values of your company to life in a fun and engaging way.

Connect Recognition website to engage call centre employees


Allowing employees to pick and choose the benefits that work best for them, Flex ensures that you can cater to all employees and their needs.

Edenred Flex website for employee benefits


Providing your employees with access to hundreds of discounts across a large number of UK brands, this is an incentive that can help to boost your employees' financial wellbeing.

Edenred Savings platform on iPad

Why Edenred’s call centre incentives are for all businesses

  • Easy to set up incentives icon

    Easy to set up

    Our incentives are fast, effective, easy to set up and maintain

  • Reduced admin for incentives icon

    Reduced admin

    They’re highly efficient solutions that can reduce the admin burden placed on managers, freeing up their time to focus on other important areas

  • Incentives and rewards icon

    Consistent incentive & reward programme

    They can help to create a structured, consistent incentives and rewards programme across different parts of the business

  • Engaging UX icon

    Engaging UX

    The implementation of digital solutions, with an innovative and engaging user experience, will help you to manage programmes from both the office and home

Discover how our solutions keep your call centre teams motivated

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