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Show your employees how important they are with Edenred’s employee appreciation platform, Connect Recognition

Helping to make recognition easy, and ensuring employees don’t go unseen, Connect Recognition from Edenred is the ultimate way to boost employee engagement and experience, while staying connected whether they're in the workplace or remote.

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Manager or peer-to-peer employee recognition made easy

Finding the best employees is a tough job, but keeping hold of them can be even tougher, especially if they don’t feel like they’re getting the recognition they deserve. 

Helping to make recognition easy, the Edenred Connect Recognition platform is an online community that works to bring your company values to life in a fun and engaging way.

Nurturing positive sentiment across your workforce, the platform will enable you to create a culture of appreciation and celebrate successes; from the small acts of kindness to the big wins.

How our Connect Recognition platform can benefit everyone

Once thought of as a nice to have, recognition is now a business essential, especially if you’re looking to keep hold of the best talent.

At Edenred, we’ve created a platform that will enable you to bring positive vibes to your organisation via affordable and innovative technology that’ll allow you to reinvigorate fading existing programmes, improve the speed and impact of employee recognition, reinforce specific cultural values, and align employees toward a common goal.

And while everyone is different, here’s how Connect Recognition will benefit all involved.

Connect Recognition and your business:

  • You’ll be able to embed company values, guiding principles, or desired behaviours and bring them to life

  • Energise your employees to raise motivation and performance

  • Integrate eGreetings cards and long service awards

  • Attract and retain talent and boost your employee value proposition

You, your team and Connect Recognition

  • An efficient way to create, change, and deliver a cost-effective recognition programme

  • Fast setup without a complex, costly, and painful IT project

  • The platform uses SaaS technology to deliver an innovative solution that is agile enough to grow and evolve over time

Connect Recognition and employees

  • Ensure that everyone can benefit from that warm, fuzzy feeling of being appreciated by leaders and colleagues alike

  • The platform provides an engaging online user experience across multiple devices

  • Optional financial rewards with a choice from over 100 top brands

How Edenred’s Connect Recognition platform works

While a recognition platform may sound both big and complicated, getting started is much easier than you think. And once set up, it’s even easier to use. This is how it works:

  • Receive eyecare vouchers from employer


    We'll guide you every step of the way to get your platform setup, configured and launched to your employees

  • Use eyecare voucher to cover the cost of eye test


    Employees can create peer-to-peer recognitions against company values and behaviours

  • Celebrate

    Recognitions are posted on a wall for all to see and celebrate! Managers can then add an optional financial reward

  • Speed

    Easy and quick to setup without a complex, costly, and painful IT project

  • Smart

    Reward and recognise employees consistantly across your organisation

  • Culture

    Embed company values or desired behaviours and bring them to life

See it for yourself

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Why Edenred’s Connect Recognition is perfect for you

  • It provides access to affordable and innovative technology that can deliver a stand-out employee recognition programme consistently across your organisation; with or without a reward element
  • It’s simple to set up and operate, while making changes can be done quickly and easily without the need for development fees
  • Handy features such as data and insight dashboards, eGreetings cards, financial rewards and long service awards
  • In an environment where organisations have increasing numbers of employees working remotely, you can stay better connected and keep staff engaged.

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