Deliver essential cost-of-living support with energy vouchers through Select Energy

A fast, easy to use, highly rated and proven solution. Local Authorities and other organisations can distribute energy vouchers for prepaid energy meters through the same award-winning scheme used to distribute vouchers for food and wider retail networks.

An appreciated and highly rated voucher delivery scheme

Edenred’s Select eCodes are the multiple award-winning solution used for the delivery of the Free School Meals voucher scheme and has a 95.8% satisfaction rating, based on 1 million user surveys over the last two years. It rated highly for ease of use, choice and clear communications.

How the Edenred energy voucher scheme works

Recipients can use the energy vouchers to top up prepaid energy meters. They cover all the main energy companies and can be redeemed at Post Office and PayPoint locations to ensure support is easy and accessible for all voucher recipients.

The scheme provides full visibility on the status of eCodes distributed. Any unused eCodes issued are refunded in full, with no hidden costs, ensuring that every penny of the support is used for the intended purpose. Because there is no ‘cash out’ option, the financial support you issue is guaranteed to be credited to their utility account.

All major energy companies covered

Over 33,000 top up locations nationwide

Energy vouchers will be distributed for Post Office or PayPoint which means ease of accessibility for recipients.


Edenred’s Select Energy eCodes are simple and easy to use

Benefits for the scheme administrators

  • Access to an easy-to-use online account to order and distribute eCodes
  • Fast delivery
  • Clear reporting, tracking and control to view status of orders, eCode distribution and use, with options to cancel or resend
  • Full refund of any eCodes not used with no hidden costs

Benefits for voucher recipients

  • Fast, easy exchange of eCodes for a choice of energy voucher most convenient for them
  • Mobile optimised and accessible eCode redemption website
  • Extensive network coverage for ease and convenience
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How Select Energy eCodes work

Quick and easy, our Select eCodes provide you with a simple and effective way to provide financial support, but also provide minimal effort to be redeemed once received. This is how they work.

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    Place an order for eCodes online.

  • Number 2 icon

    Choose how to distribute eCodes to recipients. Either use our online ordering system to send them by email or download eCodes in bulk.

  • Number 3 icon

    The recipient receives a unique 16-digit eCode with a value. They then go online to exchange their eCode for an energy voucher from either the Post Office or PayPoint.

  • Choose glasses at opticians that accept Eyecare Vouchers

    Recipients take the energy voucher to be scanned at the till to top up their prepaid energy meter key.

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