Discover retailers to suit your audience with our Government voucher schemes framework (RM6248)

With proven experience and value for money, experience flexible digital eCodes that can be swapped for hundreds of merchant eGift cards or gift cards.   

  • Proven

    Used for the Government's Free School Meals voucher scheme

  • Fast

    • Fast delivery of digital vouchers
  • Quality

    Satisfaction score of 95.8% from over 600,000 eCode recipients

What is the Government voucher schemes framework (RM6248)?

The Crown Commercial Service Government voucher schemes framework encompasses the implementation and management of retail voucher schemes, including a platform to provide and distribute those vouchers to end recipients.

As a supplier on this framework, we have a proven track record, and a 100% quality score, of delivering voucher schemes for a wide range of public social programmes.

A provider with unique experience and capability, our award-winning Select eCodes provide flexible ordering, distribution and eGift card and gift card options, with grocery and non-grocery catalogues to suit the needs of your audience.

How does the Edenred voucher scheme benefit you?

Providing benefits for Government organisations, scheme administrators, and those that receive them, here’s everything you need to know about what our voucher scheme can do.

Benefits for the business

  • We provide several options to ensure you can tailor our services to your unique scheme objectives and circumstances

  • Featuring a wide variety of retailers, this allows you to tailor the scheme to fit your programme and the needs of your recipients

Benefits for the scheme administrators

  • Access to an easy-to-use online account to order and send eCodes

  • Fast delivery of digital vouchers

  • Tracking and control allows you to view order and eCode status, cancel, or resend eCodes

Benefits for the recipients

  • Digital vouchers are instantly received

  • Website is mobile optimised for easy use

  • A wide variety of retailers to choose from to suit individual needs

How do Edenred Select eCodes work?

With so much choice on offer from the scheme, you may be worried that the ease of it all sounds too good to be true, but that’s something you don’t have to worry about.

Edenred's Select eCodes are easy to use. Here’s how you order and redeem them:

  • Ordering them:

  • Number 1 icon


    Enter the recipient’s email address (or upload a group of emails at once), choose the value, and when to send

  • Number 2 icon


    Write a message to groups or individuals in your own words, and if you want to, you can use our simple tool to create your own beautiful design

  • Number 3 icon


    Review, pay, and off it goes!

  • Redeeming them:

  • Number 1 icon


    An email will be delivered to the recipient with a unique Select eCode

  • Number 2 icon


    They exchange the eCode for the gift card or eGift card from one of the hundreds of merchants on the website

  • Number 3 icon


     Digital eGift Cards arrive instantly via email ready to spend, while gift cards arrive in the post


Why Edenred's voucher scheme is for everyone

  • Retailers to suit your audience – our network is filled with hundreds of merchants, from high street stores to specialist food voucher schemes, there’s something here for every recipient
  • Flexible distribution options – the vouchers can be distributed in a way that suits your organisation, whether that’s via email, physical vouchers, downloading stack eCodes or even bespoke options, there’s something to suit everyone
  • Onboarding and implementation – with a dedicated onboarding team and your own assigned implementation manager, you’ll experience fast implementation timeframes of 1 – 10 days depending on your requirements
  • Value for money – eCodes not only give recipients more choice but also offers full visibility of their status and greater control of budgets. With expiry dates and cancellation functionality, any unused eCodes or expired eCodes will be fully refunded free of charge to reinvest in your programme.

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