Edenred is a leading digital platform for services and payments and the everyday companion for people at work, connecting over 52 million users and 2 million partner merchants in 45 countries via more than 950,000 corporate clients.

Enrich connections. For good.

Edenred offers specific-purpose payment solutions for food (such as meal benefits), mobility (such as multi-energy, maintenance, toll, parking and commuter solutions), incentives (such as gift cards, employee engagement platforms) and corporate payments (such as virtual cards).

True to the Group's purpose, "Enrich connections. For good.", these solutions enhance users' wellbeing and purchasing power. They improve companies’ attractiveness and efficiency and vitalize the employment market and the local economy. They also foster access to healthier food, more environmentally friendly products and softer mobility.

Edenred in the UK

We help you build engagement with your employees, motivate stronger performance through in-house teams and 3rd party sales channels, and activate and accelerate customer acquisition and loyalty. Richer connections, higher engagement and ultimately stronger performance.

This is achieved through simple, engaging incentive, rewards, recognition and benefits solutions that deliver results, including innovative digital platforms, prepaid cards, and wrap around customer success services. All underpinned by quality, engaging experiences, and a belief that great results – be that employee engagement or customer acquisition - don’t necessitate complex solutions.

Our values

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    Passion for customers
    We relentlessly fine-tune every last detail until 100% of our customers would recommend us to their friends.

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    Business excellence requires respect. For this reason, we work proactively, accountably and honestly with our customers and colleagues.

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    Every day, we let our creativity run free to inspire and connect companies, employees and merchants in the working world.

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    We strive to be straightforward in everything we do and transparent in everything we say.

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    Entrepreneurial spirit
    Edenred’s entrepreneurial spirit drives growth and spreads the Group’s pioneering ethos to the new territories that we set out to explore.

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Award-winning achievements in partnership with our customers

  • Winner – Best Reward and Recognition Strategy
    Personnel Today Awards, E.ON 2022
  • Finalist – Best Reward and Recognition Strategy
    HR Excellence Awards, E.ON 2022
  • Finalist – Best Initiative in Digital Payments
    Card and Payment Awards 2021

  • Finalist – Best Reward or Recognition Initiative
    MyRecognition, Target Group - CIPD awards 2021

  • Finalist – Changing Lives in the Community
    Card and Payment Awards 2021

  • Gold – Incentive Activation of the Year
     Smile Reward Scheme, Hays Travel – IPM Awards 2020

  • Winner – Best Covid Response
    GCVA awards 2020

  • Winner – Best Lockdown Team
    GCVA awards 2020
Award winning business

Our social commitments

  • Edenred aims to be an employer of choice in terms of professional development, human rights and diversity, to promote wellbeing through healthy and sustainable eating and to contribute to local development.



  • Edenred seeks to preserve the environment by reducing its carbon footprint, its consumption of resources and its waste, by designing eco services for mobility and against food waste while managing the impact of its solutions.

  • Edenred is committed to developing its activities and partnerships in an ethical manner across its entire value chain. The Group guarantees IT security and data protection, while meeting the expectations of its clients and users and involving them in its shift-to-digital.

Charity partnership with the Felix Project and City Harvest food programmes.

In London, a partnership with the Felix project, a charity which collects food which can’t be sold, will help charities and schools provide more healthy meals for vulnerable people. In addition to cash donations over the next two years, Edenred will co-ordinate employee fundraising and provide volunteers to collect and distribute food across the capital.

A separate donation to City Harvest, will support the charity as it expands to meet community demand in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.


Ideal Day

Every year, we bring together thousands of Edenred employees in 45 countries to support local community projects. Through an equivalent of up 1,000 days of volunteering, we distribute meals to vulnerable communities, clean up natural or urban areas and hold mentoring sessions for young and elder people in need. The whole "Ideal" policy demonstrates that solidarity can, more than ever, make a difference.

Our credentials

  • ISO 14001:2015 - The international standard that specifies a process for controlling and improving an organisation’s environmental performance. Policy | Certificate

  • ISO 9001:2015 - The most widely recognized international standard for Quality Management. This is the process of ensuring that all aspects of designing, developing and implementing a product or service are effective and efficient. Policy | Certificate

  • ISO 22301: 2019 - the international standard for Business Continuity Management (BCM), designed to help organizations prevent, prepare for, respond to and recover from unexpected and disruptive incidents. Policy | Certificate

  • ISO 27001:2013 - The international standard that specifies a process for information security governance, control and compliance. Policy | Certificate

  • Cyber Essentials Plus - A Government-backed scheme to help organisations protect themselves against common online threats.

  • IPM members - As the promotional marketing industry's trade body, they represent the interests of client companies that use promotional marketing techniques and the agencies and suppliers that support them.

  • DMA members - Guided by customer-first principles enshrined in the DMA Code, they champion a rich fusion of technology, diverse talent, creativity, research and insight to set standards for the UK’s data and marketing community to meet in order to thrive.

  • REBA members - REBA aims to bring the reward and employee benefits community together in order to share expertise, drive innovation and pursue best practice.

  • FSQS (Financial Services Qualification System) - A community of financial institutions collaborating to agree a single standard for managing the increasing complexity of third and fourth-party information needed to demonstrate compliance to regulators, policies and governance controls.

    One of the key aims of FSQS is to ensure that the information that suppliers and third parties are asked to provide to their clients is proportionate to the types of goods of services being supplied. Certificate | Certificate 
  • JOSCAR - JOSCAR is a collaborative tool used by the aerospace, defence and security industry to act as a single repository for pre-qualification and compliance information. Using JOSCAR can determine if a supplier is “fit for business”. Certificate
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