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Simple, secure, and flexible, our Prepaid Cards are the perfect reward or incentive for those looking to provide a more engaging experience.

Say hello to Edenred’s range of Mastercard prepaid cards. The ideal reward or incentive for businesses looking for something that provides variety to ensure all employees, customers, or channel partners can be catered for.

  • Secure

    Secure payment method for one-off or regular rewards and incentives

  • App

    A handy app and compatible with Apple and Google Pay

  • Brand

    Align the reward to your brand’s visual identity

Discover flexibility, security, and something for all with Edenred’s prepaid cards

When it comes to providing rewards and incentives for your employees, customers, or channel partners, finding something that caters to everyone can be difficult. After all, everyone is different.

That’s where prepaid cards from Edenred come in handy; a secure, efficient, and engaging way of paying out rewards and incentives.

Our range of Mastercard® prepaid cards not only offer variety but are easy-to-use as they work just like a multi-store gift card. However, the added security and added-value features are designed to help you achieve your goals while enriching the reward and incentive experience.

With four different Edenred prepaid cards to choose from, you have a choice of:

  • Edenred IAC Card

    Incentive Award card

    • These can be spent at millions of retailers within the entire Mastercard® network.

    • There is also an international option available for $ and € currencies.
  • Edenred Ticket Restaurant card

    Ticket Restaurant

    • Helping to provide a tasty treat, these can be spent in all restaurants, cafés, and takeaways in the Mastercard® network.

    • Ticket Restaurant Plus will enable cardholders to spend in all supermarkets too.
  • Edenred's Compliments Card

    Compliments card

    • These can be used at over 100 top brands.

    • Top brands include John Lewis, Argos, Currys PC World, Nandos, and Wagamama’s.
  • Tailored solutions feature image

    Tailored solutions

    Looking for something more reflective of your business? You can create a bespoke network designed to keep spending to specific categories

How Edenred’s prepaid cards can benefit everyone

Keeping everyone satisfied with the reward and incentives on offer can be difficult.

When you opt for Edenred’s prepaid cards however, you won’t only be keeping employees, customers, and channel partners happy, but your business and those dealing with the admin. Here’s how:

Prepaid cards and your business

  • Branding options enable you to align the reward to your brand’s visual identity

  • Cards are personalised with your recipient’s name

  • Open spending up to the entire Mastercard® network, or limit to certain spend categories

  • Your recipients choose the reward that is most personalised to them, helping to heighten the reward’s value
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Prepaid cards and reward administrators

  • Our prepaid Mastercards® provide a safe and secure payment method for one-off or regular rewards and incentives

  • They are more secure and efficient than holding stocks, vouchers, or gift cards on-site

  • We provide an easy and efficient card management and ordering process

  • You’ll be provided with flexible delivery and distributions options

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Prepaid cards and cardholders

  • Cardholders can choose from millions of retailers within the entire Mastercard® network or limited spend categories, for a more rewarding experience

  • With the help of a handy app, cardholders can manage their card, see where to spend, check their balance, and access special offers and promotions

  • Our prepaid cards are compatible with Apple Pay and Google Pay for safe and fast digital wallet payments
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How do Edenred’s prepaid cards work?

Sound good? It only gets better as these prepaid cards are super easy to use too. Here’s how they work:

  • Design

    Choose from a standard design, logo overprint, or a fully co-branded card design and place an order for the number of cards and value with recipient details

  • Number 2 icon


    We will then produce, load, and ship the cards to either home addresses or in bulk to one location

  • Quote prepaid card number


    Cardholders activate their card online. Once done, they can use them just like a debit card via contactless, chip and PIN, or by adding to their digital wallet

But dont just take our word for it!


Why Edenred’s prepaid cards are perfect for you

  • They help to provide peace of mind that comes with financial security, with a 5A1 Dun & Bradstreet rating and BBB+ Standard & Poor’s rating
  • The cards provide access to a vast and growing network of partners, including Mastercard®, Prepay Solutions, and hundreds of retail merchants
  • They are safe and secure with 3DS and Mastercard® security features
  • Cards are produced using post-industrial recycled PVC core along with degradable overlay, with the total percentage of recycled material used in the card construction of 57% and 19% degradable material

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