Flexible benefits at Edenred

Discover flexible benefits made easy. Get a new personalised benefit scheme up and running with minimal hassle thanks to our plug-and-play Flex platform

By removing the complexity, implementation time and cost with Edenred Flex, you can focus on employee communications and uptake, boosting your ROI and ultimately…putting the flexibility back into flex.

  • Easy

    Fuss-free setup and full support from dedicated experts

  • Engage

    A track record of delivering great benefits take-up rates

  • Secure

    ISO27001 accreditated for peace of mind

What are flexible benefits?

What could be better than an employee benefits package? How about one that’s personalised to you. With Edenred Flex, this is now at your employees' fingertips.

Featuring anytime selections alongside a comprehensive range of employee benefits, your people can choose what matters to them when it matters most.

All available through a website with slick UX at its core, the Edenred flexible benefits platform is adaptable and robust, meaning we can build a scheme that works specifically to your business requirements.

How Edenred Flex can benefit you

Providing benefits for all, Edenred Flex can help to improve the lives of businesses, scheme administrators, and those that receive them.

Here’s everything you need to know about what Edenred Flex can do.

Benefits for the business

  • Enhance your employee value proposition to improve employee recruitment, retention, wellbeing, and performance

  • Create employer NIC savings from salary sacrifice benefits

  • Cater benefits packages to a multi-generational, diverse workforce

  • Add on additional services such as total reward statements, employee discounts, and reward and recognition
Edenred Flex benefits for your business

Benefits for the scheme admins

  • Flex means less admin, allowing you to focus on your comms and engagement

  • It’s fully customisable, meaning you can offer anytime benefits rather than just periodic election windows

  • You’ll receive assigned project and account managers to support you every step of the way to maximise success

  • There’s also a full creative and communications service to maximise uptake and engagement

  • Get to the bottom of what you need to know with powerful analytics dashboards

  • Need to make a change to the platform? That can be done easily without delay or significant cost

Edenred Flex benefits for scheme admins

Benefits for your employees

  • They’ll receive a personalised benefits package they can design to suit them, helping to enhance the true value of benefits

  • A slick online user experience makes everything simple and clear to understand

  • There’s an employee helpdesk and support resources for anyone who requires them

  • Employees can benefit from tax and NI savings through salary sacrifice benefits

Edenred Flex Benefits for Employees

How does Edenred Flex work?

With so much going on, you’ll be pleased to know that Edenred Flex is just as flexible when it comes to making it work.

Simple and easy to use, it only takes three stages to experience the benefits of Edenred Flex:

  • Receive eyecare vouchers from employer


    Take part in a consultation with the Edenred team, which will allow us to understand your needs and objectives

  • Use eyecare voucher to cover the cost of eye test


    The Edenred consultancy and project management team will then work closely with you to build your scheme and get everything set up and in place

  • Launch

    Your scheme will then be launched to employees through an engaging communications strategy

But dont just take our word for it!


Why Edenred Flex is for everyone

  • An easy setup and full support from dedicated and experienced project managers, account managers and communications experts
  • A partner with a track record of delivering successful flexible benefits schemes with great benefits take-up rates
  • A reduction in admin work that’ll allow you to focus on other important areas such as communications and engagement
  • A slick, engaging, and easy to use platform to make everything as simple as possible for employees
  • Data security, our ISO27001 accreditation is sure to provide you with peace of mind

See how you can put the flexibility back into your flexible benefits

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