Looking to boost your employee wellbeing? Setting up a Cycle to Work scheme can do just that while also boosting your CSR credentials.

With Edenred’s Cycle to Work scheme, you’ll be able to encourage a healthier, and more environmentally friendly commute to work for your employees, by offering them tax and NIC savings* on the cost of a new bike and/or accessories.

  • Free

    • The scheme is completely free to set up and operate
  • 42%

    Employees can save up to 42%* on the cost of a new bike

  • Easy

    Operates as a standalone scheme or can be integrated into our flexible benefits platform

Boost employee wellbeing and the environment with a Cycle to Work scheme

Going greener is of vital importance to companies these days, not just for the planet, but to attract a more socially conscious workforce.

One of the best ways to do this is by encouraging employees to commute to work more sustainably, and our Cycle to Work scheme is the ideal way to do that.

Offered in partnership with Halfords or Cycle Solutions, the cycle to work scheme is implemented via a salary sacrifice agreement. This means your employees can save up to 42% on the cost of a new bike by saving on Tax & NIC*, and at the same time, your organisation can also save on employer NIC. The bike and safety accessories are then leased to them over a fixed term.

How Edenred’s Cycle to Work scheme can benefit everyone

As cycling is a form of exercise, there’s no doubt that the benefits to those cycling can be enormous. And when it comes to the environment at large, the fewer cars on the road, the better.

However, the Edenred Cycle to Work scheme can provide many more benefits, which include:

The Cycle to Work scheme and your business

  • The scheme is completely free to set up and operate

  • It can help to boost the financial and physical wellbeing of employees

  • You’ll experience significant employer NI Savings

  • You’ll enhance CSR credentials

The Cycle to Work scheme and your administrators

  • Your scheme can be set up in as little as 48 hours with minimal administration

  • With Halfords, scheme protection protects employers from any financial risk, meaning if an employee were to resign from their contract of employment and insufficient funds were unavailable following the standard early leaver process, Halfords would make up the difference

The Cycle to Work scheme and your employees

  • They’ll save up to 42%* on the cost of a bike and/or safety accessories

  • They can choose from a wide selection of bikes from as little as £100 to over £1,000 thanks to new Government legislation**

  • They have access to bikes and accessories from over 1,100 local independents, 465 Halfords, and Tredz.co.uk stores

How does the Edenred Cycle to Work scheme work?

  • Number 1 icon


    Start by choosing your scheme provider

  • Number 2 icon

    Set up

    The provider will then help you to set up your scheme

  • Number 3 icon


    Employees can then apply for the scheme online and enter into a salary sacrifice agreement

  • Choose glasses at opticians that accept Eyecare Vouchers


    Once approved, a letter of collection (LOC) is sent to the employee which enables them to pick up their new bike


Why the Edenred Cycle to Work scheme is perfect for your organisation

  • As our mission is to take out the pain, cost, and admin burden of setting up, launching, and managing schemes, setting up this service is quick and easy
  • You can set up Cycle to Work as a standalone scheme, or you can integrate it into our employee engagement or flexible benefits platforms as part of a wider approach to employee benefits, recognition, and rewards
  • It provides peace of mind that your scheme is fully compliant and secure
  • You’ll be provided with communications support to help promote your scheme to employees to maximise uptake

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See how Cycle to Work can work for your business

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Cycle to work scheme - boy on bike

*42% saving can be made when any Letter of Collection is selected, the employer funds the scheme and an employee hire a bike and safety accessories through the scheme. Assumes 40% Tax Rate and 2% NIC Rate. Subject to circumstances of the employer and employee.

**Subject to FCA authorisation