Does the legislation cover bi-focal lenses, tinted frames or contact lenses?

No, under the legislation it is only basic single vision spectacles that will be provided.

Which opticians accept Eyecare Vouchers?

Over 7,500 outlets across the UK accept Eyecare Vouchers including Vision Express, Optical Express and the majority of independent opticians.
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What does the Standard Spectacle Voucher provide?

A pair of basic single vision lens spectacles.

What is the difference between Box B and Box C on the VDU Certificate of Recommendation?

Box B would be ticked when the prescription is for general use. Box C is when the general use prescription has a particular requirement or change in the prescription for the middle distance range necessary for VDU work.

How will Edenred Eyecare Vouchers benefit me?

Our corporate eyecare specialists provide tailored services that offer:

  • Extensive choice for you - You can use our Eyecare Vouchers in 96% of the UK’s optometrists, including major chains and independents.
  • Ease of use - With so many UK opticians accepting our vouchers – and no cash involved – they’re convenient to use and you’re never out of pocket
  • A constantly improving service - We invest in innovation to make our services even better.
  • No more expenses to file - You simply exchange the voucher for your eyecare – no receipts needed, no paperwork to fill in.
  • The benefit of our experience - As the people who first introduced eyecare vouchers in 1993, our knowledge is second to none. We understand what people want – and we can help them to get it quickly and easily.

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