Total Reward Statements

Most people won't be lucky enough to get a pay rise this year. So it's important that they do get a feeling of appreciation instead. That they get to see just how highly you value them.

Edenred's Total Reward Statements tell your employees the exact value of their salary and benefits for the year ahead. You can provide this simply and effectively in either an online or offline format. Company branded, just to remind them who it is that's showering them with such lovely gifts.

But employees know all of these things already, right?

Well, recent research suggests that lots of them don't know the full picture. They don't always know that you give them discounts here and savings there. 

And that means it's not just your employees that lose out. If they don't know the benefits they're entitled to, you're not getting the participation, motivation and engagement you're entitled to either. Your benefits and reward spend isn't achieving its full potential. And in today's climate, you don't want to waste a single penny.

A few features to consider

  • Experience & credibility derived from delivering TRS for organisations
    from 500 to 70,000 employees.
  • We are proud to be an ‘Employee Benefits’ Award winning provider.
  • We are driven by quality across the entire service experience. ISO
    9001:2000. Hosting ISO 9000:2008. Data security ISO 27001/27002.
  • International TRS experience across 40 countries.

Why Consider Edenred?

Of course, you can trust Edenred to say all the right things. Our communications experience will ensure that both before and after launch, your employees are in total understanding of their individual benefits. And our data expertise and security accreditations will ensure that you have total confidence in the service we provide.  

With Edenred's Total Reward Statements, the rewards really are there for all to see.

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