ePayslips - a better way

Electronic and digital communication channels are faster and more efficient than paper, and encourage and drive far more engagement from the recipient of the information. It’s not brain science - it’s happening every day. So why are we still delivering such important information, pay slips, by distributing pieces of paper? There must be a better way. There is.

The traditional paper distribution brings a cost per employee which includes the paper, print, distribution and people time, which when multiplied by the total number of employees can add up to be quite a significant cost to a business.    

ePayslips take a high percentage of this cost out of the business and deliver a more engaging experience for your employees.


Fast & Efficient

Our easy to implement solution is an effective way to distribute payslip and PAYE documentation, P60’s, P11D’s and other important documents.

No longer will somebody wait by a printer, or waste time walking around the building playing Postman. ePayslips are sent in real time with no delays to all employees whether they are in the office, on holiday or away from the office.

A few features to consider

  • Save time and money.
  • Engage your employees.
  • ISO 27001 accredited 
  • ePayslips are sent in real time


Why Consider Edenred?

Data Security and auditability

Payslip information contains personal and sensitive information. Our solution ensures your compliance with ICO guidelines on employee privacy as all information is sent in a secure and encrypted manner.

Edenred are ISO 27001 accredited and subject to the tough and rigorous data security testing associated with this standard. 

Everything sent is date and time stamped ensuring you have full visibility on what has been sent, and when an employee has registered or viewed their payslip.

Better for your employees

Payslip information is accessible and available wherever they are, in or out the office, via any device.

Employees have a full payslip history removing the need to save and store hard copy payslips.