Childcare Voucher Provider Association

We are a member of the CVPA. In offering the services, we undertake to act in accordance with the CVPA Code of Practice, which is available on the CVPA website at

What is the CVPA?

The CVPA is the industry association established to represent the views of the childcare voucher providers industry and formulate best practice to ensure parents, carers and employers receive the highest standards of service.


What is the code of practice?

The standards and procedures members of the CVPA will adhere to are set out in the Code of Practice. The Code of Practice has been devised to set out the minimum standards of expected of voucher providers and will act to drive best practice in the sector.

The Code of Practice also sets out what parents, employers and childcare providers can expect from members of the CVPA, highlighting the obligations voucher providers have to ensure they receive a high quality efficient and effective service.

The Code of Practice also sets out the complaints procedure for the CVPA ensuring a means of recourse should members fail to comply with the appropriate standards.

What are the benefits for nurseries and childminders?

  • CVPA member companies will need to have an adequate fund protection policy in place to guarantee the secure delivery of funds to nurseries and childminders.
  • Using a CVPA member company provides nurseries and childminders with a guaranteed payment for their services, ensuring financial resources reach the frontline and contribute to a diverse and sustainable range of high quality childcare provision.

Why should employers switch to employer supported childcare with a CVPA member?

The CVPA establishes self regulation of the childcare voucher industry, providing a benchmark in terms of quality of service employers can expect.

  • For employers, using a CVPA member ensures the smooth running of the scheme and guarantees their employees receive a high quality and efficient service.


What are the benefits for parents?

  • For parents, using a CVPA member company provides them a secure source of childcare funding.
  • The standards expected of CVPA member companies provide parents with a guarantee that their money goes directly to paying for childcare, ensuring that they have continued access to high quality care.
If for any reason you have cause to complain about the service offered by Edenred please follow our complaints procedure which you can access here.

If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of any complaint made to us as regards our compliance with the CVPA Code of Practice, please send your complaint to:
Childcare Voucher Providers Association (CVPA)
105 St Peters Street
St Albans

Employers, enquire online about switching your provider 

Or give us a call on 0333 2201 586

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