Events & Roadshows

People are bombarded with messages on a day to day basis. But in an increasingly online, social and virtual world, how many of these messages are actually delivered by a living, breathing human being?

Sometimes it’s nice to get the information straight from the horse’s mouth so to speak. We find face to face communication creates debate, participation and interaction. It inspires and excites, and ultimately it motivates and engages.

Over the years, Edenred has both seen and been a part of lots of events that have helped increase participation and motivation in reward, recognition and benefits schemes. We usually deliver or attend over 300 events and road shows every year, each coming with its own distinct characteristics, insights and ideas.

A live event can be a hugely effective way to launch a new product or programme, whether that be a Childcare Voucher scheme, an Employee Savings Scheme or wider Flexible Benefits programme, or the start of a strategic or tactical incentive programme. Less specifically, it can be used to draw attention to wider issues such as employee wellbeing, financial wellbeing and education, and employee engagement.

Sometimes, of course, not everyone who you’d like to attend an event can attend. And that means that not everyone can be suitably engaged and motivated by all that face to face content. With this in mind, we can combine a physical event with an online, virtual or social element to allow you to reach a bit further afield. If you like, we can even create an event that’s solely for these purposes, such as a webinar or an online conference or exhibition. Just say the word and our communications team will do the rest.

So, if you’re looking to increase scheme participation, improve employees’ understanding and appreciation of their benefits or total reward, inspire behavioural change or conduct a wider internal communications or engagement review, we’d love to sit down & talk.

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