Communications Services

  • Events & Roadshows
    Innovative, insightful events that inform and engage, encourage participation and appreciation, and deliver increased motivation and ROI.
  • Research
    Informing reward, recognition & communication strategy to maximise results.
  • Total Reward
    The more your employees realise how much you value them, the more participation, motivation and engagement your schemes will achieve.

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Communications Services

You could have the best benefits scheme known to man. But if no one knows how good it is, how many possibilities are open to them and how to take full advantage, you’ll never get the best results.

Communication really is the key to continued scheme success. And the more intelligent this two-way communication process is, the better the results. Considered communication helps drive participation, enhance appreciation and ultimately improve everyone’s performance. So at Edenred, we make sure your people are kept informed, motivated, engaged and entertained at all times. We target each individual with individual, impactful and relevant messages. We personalise communications to maximise participation. We show your people how to make the most of your scheme, and just how highly you value them.

We totally believe in the power of communication. So it makes sense that we provide a total range of reward & recognition communications for all sizes of scheme, all types of product and all types of recipient. There really is no job too big or detail too small. We can cover the launch and on-going communications for individual benefits like Childcare Vouchers or Employee Savings. We can provide for full benefits programmes such as Flexible or Voluntary Benefits. And we can convey tactical or strategic incentive & reward programmes.

A few features to consider

  • A mix of rewards & benefits knowledge, plus communications expertise
  • Experience of maximising participation in schemes
  • Multi-channel options


Why consider Edenred?

The most important thing is that your people are fully engaged and fully aware just how much you value them as an employee. And that’s where probably the most important internal communication programme there is comes in – the Total Reward Communication Programme or Total Reward Statements. This programme gives everyone a personalised statement detailing the exact value of their own individual reward and benefit package, and gives everyone the motivation they need to reap those rewards right away. For more information about Total Reward Statements, click here.