Edenred unveils new Global Identity

The world leader in transactional solutions for companies, employees and merchants will market all of its solutions in 42 countries under the Edenred brand.

Edenred is taking its transformation to the next level, with a powerful and unifying brand that brings together 43 million employees, 750,000 companies and public institutions and 1.4 million affiliated merchants. Today, the 250 products and services developed by the Group, including its iconic Ticket Restaurant program, have been given a face lift and now share the same graphic standards. The new identity is captured by the Group's signature "We connect, you win", which reflects Edenred's digitization, the networks it has built and the advantages it brings: greater purchasing power for employees, optimization of expenses for companies and more business for merchants. On June 14, 2017, the Group's 8,000 employees in 42 countries will wear the colors of the new logo. This far-reaching initiative is part of Edenred's Fast Forward strategic plan, which notably aims to digitize its offer across the board and give the Group a leading position in B2B2C. 

Bertrand Dumazy, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Edenred, said: "The launch of ournew visual identity is a significant milestone in Edenred's transformation. The Group's transitionto a fully digital ecosystem has led us to create a new brand identity that is powerful,meaningful and unifying. For 43 million employees, 1.4 million merchants and750,000 companies, every one of our solutions is a source of value creation."

The new Edenred logo will now feature on all Group solutions, from cards to mobile apps,online platforms and paper vouchers. 


The Group has also adopted a new signature, "We connect,you win", which reflects Edenred's digitization, the networks ithas built and the advantages it brings: greater purchasingpower for employees, optimization of expenses for companiesand more business for merchants


Capitalizing on the red dot, which has been the company's signature mark since the launchof the Ticket Restaurant program in the 1960s, the Edenred logo embodies all of the attributesof the new brand: simple, dependable, digital, universal, daring and connected. Changedto a red circle, it features the name Edenred through its middle and is left open to theoutside: to the Group's unique network, but most of all, to the employees, companies andmerchants that use Edenred solutions. With its "red" suffix, the new logo echoes a color whichhas been a visual marker for the Group from day one, whilst making the brand even easier toread. A play on words (the word "red" meaning "network" in Spanish), it also refers to thedifferent ecosystems that form the basis for the Group's products. The font's clean curvesmark the smooth transition to new graphic standards at the meeting point between theworlds of B2B and B2C as the digitization of its offer sees the Group forge increasingly directties with the 43 million employees that use its solutions. Designed in monogram format, thelogo is also a symbol of the federating effect of Edenred's mobile apps.

Edenred's graphic universe has been completely redesigned in line with the brand's newplatform: creation of a "ribbon" that represents the ties developed by Edenred between itsdifferent audiences, use of vibrant colors, and reference images and symbols that are givencenter stage, as can be seen on the new edenred.com website.

New website


On June 14, 2017, the Group's 8,000 employees will wear the colors of the new logo at thedifferent events organized in the 42 countries in which Edenred is present. Follow these eventson social media via the hashtag #Edenredconnects.

Anne-Sophie Sibout, Edenred's Communications VP, commented: "We involved more than200 Edenred employees from around the world in the process of creating our new visualidentity over the past year, making it a genuinely collaborative project. The new brandidentity conveys a promise of confidence, convergence and daring. In both design andpresentation, it symbolizes the unique ties Edenred forges between its audiences."

The rebranding project was carried out with the assistance of the Royalties agency, whichdesigned Edenred's new logo and visual identity and participated in creating the brandplatform. 

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