Ensure you can support the wellbeing of your employees, while also helping to manage expenses, with Edenred’s Eyecare Vouchers.

At Edenred we provide a simple solution for managing employee eyecare schemes with eyecare vouchers to cover eye tests and glasses.

  • Health

    Vouchers support your wider employee health and wellbeing strategy

  • Save

    Benefit from NI savings, VAT exemption and deductible Corporation Tax costs

  • Choice

    Redeemable at over 96% of opticians across the UK

Ensure the wellbeing of your employees with Edenred’s Eyecare Vouchers

It’s estimated that around 60% of the UK population wear glasses, which means that a large portion of any workforce will require them daily.

It’s also required by The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992, that employees who are regular DSE users must be provided with eye examinations and help with the cost of glasses if required.

That’s why Edenred provides an Eyecare Vouchers scheme so you can protect your employees' physical wellbeing and eye health, whilst remaining compliant with the law. The Edenred Eyecare Vouchers scheme is easy to use and helps you to manage the provision of corporate eyecare and the associated expenses.

Simply order books of eye test, spectacles vouchers, or manage your Eyecare Voucher scheme online with Eyecare Plus.

How Edenred’s Eyecare Vouchers can benefit everyone

From your business to those managing your eyecare schemes to those that take the tests and wear the glasses, our Eyecare Voucher scheme is designed to help everyone in your organisation and the organisation itself. Here’s how:

Edenred’s Eyecare Vouchers and your business

  • They help to provide support to a wider employee health and wellbeing strategy

  • They provide peace of mind that your scheme is fully compliant

  • You will benefit from employer and employee NI savings, VAT exemption, and the costs are deductible for Corporation Tax

Edenred’s Eyecare Vouchers and your admin

  • Eyecare Vouchers are easy to order with books of vouchers that can be distributed to staff as your need them

  • Have better control and oversight of expenses, meaning no more expense claims or petty cash to arrange

  • Administrators will have audit and compliance support with a 'certificate of recommendation'

  • If you opt for Eyecare Plus, all of the admin will be removed as employees will be able to order vouchers online themselves. We'll then send the vouchers directly to them, with flexible approval options

Edenred’s Eyecare Vouchers and your employees

  • Vouchers are redeemable at over 96% of opticians across the UK, including many local independent stores

  • Employees won’t need to use personal funds to cover costs while waiting for reimbursement

  • Better eye health and protection from regular use of DSEs

How Edenred’s Eyecare Vouchers work?

If you’re wondering exactly how Eyecare Vouchers with Edenred work, firstly, you should know that there are two different schemes; standard and Plus. Here’s how both of them work.

  • Eyecare Vouchers standard:

  • Number 1 icon

    Set up

    We’ll set you up on our online ordering website and you’ll then need to log in to place orders, manage users, delivery points, and payments

  • Number 2 icon


    We’ll deliver booklets of vouchers for you to distribute internally to employees

  • Number 3 icon


    Employees can then redeem the vouchers at 96% of opticians across the UK

  • Eyecare Vouchers Plus:

  • Number 1 icon

    Set up

    We’ll set up an employee ordering website with your brand and employees will then need to log in to request their vouchers

  • Number 2 icon


    We will then fulfil the order and deliver the vouchers directly to the employee

  • Number 3 icon


    Employees can then redeem the vouchers at 96% of opticians across the UK


Why Edenred’s Eyecare Vouchers are for everyone

  • They’re an easy, no-fuss way of managing your corporate eyecare scheme
  • They provide peace of mind that your scheme is fully compliant with regulations
  • You’ll have access to flexible denominations for vouchers to cover the cost of frames and lenses
  • You can choose the level of admin support your need with Eyecare Voucher standard or plus

Interested in starting a scheme? Talk to us today!

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