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Auto-Enrolment explained for business owners

Over 700,000 small businesses have been told by The Pensions Regulator that they must set up a workplace pension this year. If they don´t, they face a minimum penalty of £400. Demand for support is extremely high, with many... [more]
Author: Andy Philpott | Category: Blog | 27/03/2017 | 0

Motivating employees in a digital age

There was a time, not so long ago, when people used to talk about email overload as the killer of productivity and thief of time. Sitting in my office, surrounded by people whose smartphones buzz and ping with alerts from socia... [more]
Author: Andy Philpott | Category: Blog | 27/04/2016 | 0

Leading a business after set-backs – six rules for success

Leading an organisation is a lonely job. It is a job which it is at its hardest when everything appears to be going wrong. But if that gut-wrenching feeling you get when you lose clients, fail to convert prospects or simply wat... [more]
Author: Andy Philpott | Category: Blog | 10/11/2015 | 0

UK workers: happy but not necessarily engaged

This week  Edenred published the ninth edition of its annual European study into the attitudes of employees to employment and the workplace. The good news for UK bosses is that their employees are the second happiest in Europe.... [more]
Author: Andy Philpott | Category: Blog | 09/06/2014 | 0

Don’t let new business turn into no business in 2014

After the past five years of gloom and limited opportunity for growth, whether you work in business-to-business or consumer markets, 2014 has all the makings of being a bumper year. Not only is confidence palpably better than i... [more]
Author: Andy Philpott | Category: Blog | 30/04/2014 | 0

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