Let’s talk about tech baby: The future of HR through a digital lens

The tech explosion is upon us and it’s crucial we use it to support good HR practices

It won’t come as a surprise to learn that the popularity of new tech is exploding in the HR space, just as it is in every other aspect of our lives. We are constantly bombarded with new innovation that’s meant to improve performance, increase ROI and generally make our jobs easier. The question is - what new developments are changing the nature of our work? We found a few experts who are paving the future through HR tech.

Ways tech is altering HR

Advances in recruitment

Megan Biro, a blogger from Talent Culture, writes that companies like GoodHire offer machine learning and AI to change the way the company recruits, hires and onboards new employees. Through innovation such as this, HR are able to sift through several layers of recruitment process in order to find qualified staff in a more targeted way.

Provisions, provisions, provisions

Through the automation of employee benefits (like financial and wellbeing services), HR is now expected to deliver an employee experience far beyond offering lunchtime team building and work outings. Plug-in providers can help engage employees on a number of levels, but it’s up to HR professionals to deliver an internal strategy and effective communication in order to reach employees.

Analytics boosts diversity

‘Let’s wait to see what the analytics say’. Sound familiar? This answer is often given by board members when looking at the high numbers of employee turnover each quarter. But who will harvest these numbers and where do they come from? Programmes that offer insight and data on employees’ leaving rates, happiness indexes etc. all need one thing: an HR specialist to interpret the data and deliver insight. Annie Suen, General Manager of Learning and Organisational Development at LF Logistics believes, “developing and strengthening intelligent teams, who are capable of leveraging the latest technology such as AI and incorporating chatbots to deliver personalised experiences online, is going to be a trend.”

Future challenges - how tech can help

Compliance issues solved

Data compliance is another topic which Megan Biro believes can benefit from tech. Through areas like labour laws and data security, using tech to stay compliant are becoming more and more useful as monitoring tools. This is one area where digital monitoring through tech will help improve things like closing gender pay gaps, labour law compliance and diversity.

Head offices and remote working

Okay, maybe the idea of linking remote offices to their head office, seems like old news. But more and more people are working “remote” on a global scale with programmes like, RemoteYear, which allows employees to travel to up to 12 different countries in a year whilst working remotely. Using digital calling innovation to support video conferencing is just one way that programmes like this can exist. By using video conferencing methods (such as Skype for Business), teams are virtually connected and reduce the need for large corporate offices. This is combined with the wide range of text apps available, allowing real time chat on several different platforms. The challenge comes from understanding the best way forward for productivity. In this instance, HR teams need to align themselves with the project management team in order to create a streamlined process.

Future of HR tech

Annie Suen believes that ultimately HR tech will dominate three areas: engagement, efficiency and effectiveness of employees. Suen says that HR specialists need to adapt to a “customer first” mindset when approaching employees to overall recruitment and employee experience. One thing is for sure, HR practitioners should remain diligent in understanding all areas of tech… as time consuming as it may seem. They need to understand the tech firsthand in order to keep the upper hand in using the most effective versions and offering feedback on usability.

Author: Shan Murad | Category: Blog | 29/05/2019 | 0

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