Ways tech can improve your bottom line

It’s the perfect time to highlight ways that tech can actually improve your sales

Breakthroughs in tech can change the way we work in sales. New companies announcing that their newest product will revolutionise the way you sell are literally popping up daily. It’s difficult to stay on top of each of them, let alone digest whether or not they can actually work to improve your bottom line. How can tech improve sales?

Sales and marketing alignment

Everyone in sales agrees that misaligning your marketing messages could attribute to failure at the end of the quarter. Because sales and marketing need a long-term strategy for success, SaaS automation tools are often introduced to be the answer to the “smarketing” issue. You need to engage with both the sales and marketing team to make sure the messaging is aligned.

Ability to sell wherever you go

The power of on-demand sales is upon us. Innovations in tech provide companies with a sales infrastructure to achieve higher efficiency. The distractions for people are endless because they are constantly flooded with emails, content, social media posts etc. In e-commerce, the trend is to capture the sale on the first visit. ApplePay, Paypal and advancements in blockchain tech, like PureGold, all aid advancements here.

Live chat

“Can I help you today?” How many times have you seen this pop up on a website? What used to be a clunky messaging tool is now a valuable way to increase sales. Using a customised chat window offers that personalised service to potential customers. You can set-up timed responses to trigger automatically when a customer is experiencing problems on the site (for example, during the checkout). Live chat can help you discover the pain points of your service and customers are usually eager to share their feedback. Rarely can you get such direct insight from prospective customers.

Data-driven insights

It’s easy to get lost in a sea of data. Just when you think we’ve measured and analysed every aspect of the buyer journey – another ‘invaluable’ metric pops up. Realistically however, the most interesting data for sales managers are the metrics around quota attainment. Reviewing your sales incentives metrics can help boost productivity and help motivate reps to sell.

Staying ahead of the game

Of course, even at the time Connect is published, there will be another new innovation or two in sales tech. The tech domain is fierce and morphs almost daily. Staying on top of the ever-changing landscape means devoting part of your day to reading blogs and newsletters by expert authors. Find a news site that you trust and don’t forget to share insight about your own favourites too.


Author: Colin Hodgson | Category: Blog | 26/04/2019 | 0

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