Transforming Edenred with a new suite of digital solutions

Right from the beginning, Edenred has always kept the changing needs of its customers at its core

From the start

From the creation of Luncheon Vouchers in 1956 and the first Childcare Voucher scheme in 1989, Edenred has led prepaid voucher and card innovations across the employee benefits, incentives and rewards, and expense management space. Around the world, Edenred leads the innovation of people and payment connections through digital and mobile channels. The company’s global ambition is to be the digital companion of the working world. This vision is reflected in the ambition and innovation of Edenred UK, and is constantly evolving and aligning with the needs of its customers.

Edenred UK’s new ambition

It’s been many years since Edenred UK began helping companies reward their employees with benefits, and the landscape of delivery has transformed dramatically. As a business, our goal has always been to help companies recruit, retain, motivate and engage employees through a mix of benefit, incentive and reward solutions. Over the last few years, that ambition evolved as recognition grew in importance and business impact. Following demand from our customers, we evolved our solutions further to help with customer acquisition and channel sales challenges. Delivering these in an effective and efficient way requires flexibility and adaptation of new methods.

Personal technology has moved on from a mere idea to an everyday experience for most people in the UK. The ambition to rewire the way that UK businesses build engagement, motivation and performance, is something that Edenred feels strongly about.

There was a time when ‘content’ was everything. Whilst Edenred UK has always had very strong content and choice in technology solutions, the technology and user experience were not at the front of the market. We wanted to be at the heart of the innovation. So, we embarked on a significant two-year innovation programme to redevelop the full suite of technology solutions.

Importance of connection and user experience

This year, Edenred UK is launching three new user-focused solutions. Each of the digital platforms is designed to be easy-to-configure, personalise, launch and manage in order to remove the cost and hassle of implementation. They are cloud-based and meet the highest security standards.

Our focus on user experience recognises the need to make it easy and efficient for companies and their scheme recipients. And that’s what we’ve done. Easy to set up and use for companies, engaging and easy for employees and wider user audiences.

The solutions all respond to a diverse workforce, including younger generations who have driven the need for mobile and social innovations in reward and benefits. Tech start-ups have been amongst the first responders to this new market demand and this has accelerated innovation, brought on by more choice and competition.

User experience is also very much about data security and GDPR. Clients are looking for peace of mind and confidence in the quality of the security in the new solutions they adopt. Edenred has always operated to the highest standards of accredited data security. By operating at the highest level of security, end users can access solutions on mobile devices whenever they want.

Our solutions work in tandem with our users’ needs to provide the ultimate employee and customer experience.

A new, stronger proposition

Whatever kind of organisation you are, employee and customer engagement are key ingredients of business success.

Our goal at Edenred UK is to enable every business to connect, recognise and reward the people that matter to them most in a fast and easy way that doesn’t require complicated IT projects.

Whether they are employees, sales teams, customer service, channel partners or customers - what matters most is a high quality, personalised experience which reflects well on the brand or employer.

Our new digital platforms give every business the tools to do exactly that. We started the process by speaking to our customers in order to develop the solutions. We intend to keep them at the front of the market and close to the evolving needs of our customers.

Built with the user at the core, the trio of new platforms give HR, marketing, customer service and sales teams the tools to enable consistent improvements in employee engagement, sales performance, customer acquisition and loyalty. They sit alongside our other solutions, complimenting each other for stronger engagement across the board.

Our suite of solutions now includes Connect Incentive, Flex and Savings, which sit alongside Select and Connect Recognition.

Author: Andy Philpott | Category: Blog | 03/06/2019 | 0

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