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How to motivate call centre teams with instant reward

“Instant reward schemes in call centres can make the difference between motivation and disengagement for your employees and your customers” says Lee O’Connor, Operations Director at Edenred. Call centre and telephone-based... [more]
Author: Andy Philpott | Category: Blog | 18/02/2020 | 0

Dirty Money: Why great reward and recognition schemes need more than cash

It’s well known in pay and reward circles that wages are a hygiene factor for employees. Provided we pay our people fairly relative to the market, their peers and the contribution they make, tinkering with pay levels rarely... [more]
Author: Andy Philpott | Category: Blog | 13/11/2019 | 0

Don’t let your end of year reward demotivate your people

Did you know that one third of employees who get a gift at the end of the year throw it in the bin? This was the standout finding of our Edenred’s research which looked at employee attitudes to end-of-year reward. When we asked... [more]
Author: Shan Murad | Category: Blog | 06/11/2019 | 0

Five ways you can avoid the end-of-year performance slump

It has to be one of the big paradoxes of the business cycle. December is one of the busiest times of the year for many organisations yet, by the middle of the month, with the staff parties over and people absent through a... [more]
Author: Colin Hodgson | Category: Blog | 31/10/2019 | 0

End-of-year recognition: why your people want it (even if they don’t expect it)

Not so long ago, Christmas reward was as much of a fixture as the annual party in office life: a mark of appreciation for your all your people’s efforts through the year. Today, it’s not unusual to question the idea of... [more]
Author: Andy Philpott | Category: Blog | 29/10/2019 | 0

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