Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about the way our corporate eyecare vouchers work, you may be able to find answers to your queries in our FAQ's below.

Can we accept a spectacle voucher for a pair of spectacles greater than the value of the voucher ?

Yes. If a patient would like a pair of spectacles beyond the voucher cost then you may still accept the voucher, and the patient can pay the difference in price by other means.

Can we accept spectacle vouchers for contact lenses?

The vouchers are not designed for this purpose as the product is specifically for the compliance with the DSE (1992) regulations. However, we understand that some employers will offer the vouchers as a contribution towards the cost of contact lenses and they can be accepted as part payment for this.

What are your redemption rates for eye examination and spectacle vouchers?

For up to date rates for our all types of our vouchers please contact us  

On what basis do you decide your rates of redemption ?

As you are aware, since you may run your own corporate scheme, we are operating in a very competitive market place with all the large Optical chains providing discounted Eye Examination Fees and as a result of thorough analysis we believe our redemption rates and selling price are at an acceptable level.

We acknowledge that this fee does not cover the full retail price that your organisation charges for an eye examination but feel that it does provide you with the opportunity to gain new customers through affiliation to our network and promoting your services by this method. We are constantly winning new clients and a fundamental element of our vouchers is our excellent and diverse network, something we and our clients value very highly.

Furthermore, the number of corporate clients that we deal with brings real value to your business in terms of increased footfall and up selling opportunities. 

How can I join the scheme?

You can obtain a Voucher Redemption Agreement by downloading it online or by contacting us on

How long after the expiry date can Eyecare Vouchers be redeemed?

We shall issue payment in respect of Eyecare Vouchers for any vouchers received up to 3 months following the expiry date printed on the front of the voucher. 

How can I be removed from the scheme ?

If you wish to be removed from our network for any reason, please email  or write to us:

50 Vauxhall Bridge Road

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