Prepaid Cards

Improving a company’s efficiency and cost-effectiveness can prove to be one big headache. But one little card can act as the perfect remedy.

More and more businesses are implementing corporate prepaid cards to push their processes and practices to new levels of productivity. Our cards can be used for lots of different things. Making salary payments, giving out rewards and incentives, initiating new promotions - you name it, our cards can do it. And that means that you don’t have to.

Our offer for corporate clients:

  • Payroll account cards: pay employees, sales professionals, agents, distributors and even those without bank accounts quickly and efficiently.
  • Expense account cards: remove the need for reimbursements and simplify expense payments process with a prepaid electronic solution.
  • Employee benefits cards: give employees fast, flexible, reliable and secure access to corporate benefits.
  • Promotions and reward cards: motivate and reward company employees and sales professionals easily and cost-effectively.

Government Solutions:

Government payments are a serious business. Social benefits, claims reconciliation and the provision of emergency funds are all monies that people rely upon for day to day life. You certainly don’t want them lost in the post.

So, instead of issuing paper cheques, why not put one of our prepaid card solutions in place instead? Not only do the cards offer more safety and security for the recipient. They also offer a much more cost-effective way of working for the government too, cutting out all the unnecessary administration and all the hours that go with it. With prepaid cards, piles of paperwork can become a thing of the past.  

Our offer for government clients:

  • Claims and emergency cash cards: Settle claims and make emergency payments through electronic transfer, enhance claims and payment for recipients and reduce associated costs.


Insurance Solutions:

Smart insurance providers don’t use cheques or paper vouchers to settle a claim. They use a smart card, preloaded with a set monetary value.

Our electronic cards come with lots of advantages. They’re more cost-effective, they reduce fraud and shrinkage, they offer enhanced brand-building opportunities and they provide a better customer service experience for your clients. So, in terms of insurance, they really have got everything covered.

Our offer for Insurance clients:

Insurance claims cards: settle insurance claims and make emergency payments electronically, while reducing the cost of delivery and reconciliation.