Compliments Passport

High flying workers deserve high flying prizes. And that's exactly what they'll get when you implement Compliments Passport as part of your Incentive & Reward scheme.

Compliments Passport takes the form of travel vouchers offering holidays to a wide range of UK, European and worldwide destinations. It's amazing how the promise of doing nothing on a beach can motivate people to work wonders at their desk. It gives people something to aim for, instils a bit of healthy competition within the team and boosts performance as a direct result. So, as a tactical incentive, you’d have to go a long way to beat it. 

A few features to consider

  • Your recipients have access to a dedicated team of travel advisors
    to maximise the reward experience.
  • Choice of destination and value specific vouchers.
  • Travel agents integrated into incentive programme theme.

Why Consider Edenred?


The vouchers can be bought ready-made for specific holidays and trips away, whether that be at home or abroad, in the air or on the seas, on a beach or on the piste. And with options to suit every budget, and destinations to suit every taste, they're an ideal way to boost engagement, build motivation or reward performance at work. 

Add to all that our knowledge and experience of developing successful schemes, as well as delivering maximum impact and ROI, the sky's the limit.