Employee Savings

Everyone's feeling the pinch at present. And that means that everyone wants more for less.

So, while employees are looking for new ways to make their money go further, employers are looking for new ways to enhance motivation and performance.

Edenred's Employee Savings looks to combine these two goals to great effect. In fact we've already helped many different organisations achieve sustained success, with products and services that cater for companies of all shapes and sizes.

Our scheme gives your employees access to many discounts and offers, including an unrivalled range of retail gift vouchers and gift cards redeemable at hundreds of high street names, online and in-store discounts.  Our discounted eGift Card range means your employees can get can instant savings sent straight to their email address, allowing them to save anytime, anywhere.  

Our extensive range of relationships right across the retail network means we can provide an incredible breadth and scale of offers.

Our dedicated team give you full scheme support, including project management, employee helpdesk and management reporting.

And thanks to expert implementation and inspiring communications, our services can give your company an amazing boost to motivation and performance.

Edenred focus on maximising participation. On interacting with your workforce through a variety of different channels. Online, offline or mobile.  We want to ensure your Employees maximise the savings they can make through our platform so have launched our new Mobile Employee Savings website,  making it even easier for them to save on the go.   With GPS located instant offers, they can now carry the savings around in their pocket and save money any time, any place, anywhere.

A few features to consider

  • You have a choice of solutions & pricing levels to work best for you.
  • Developed with user journey consultants and client's employees to
    ensure maximum usability.
  • The widest range of discounted vouchers & reloadable gift cards
  • Multi-channel communications maximise participation,
    engagement & usage.

Why Consider Edenred?

We wanted to create the most user-friendly platform on the market. So we used the UK's top user-journey consultancy team and tested it on the most important people of all - the end users.

Of course, every user is different. So we personalise Employee Savings to suit every single one of them. We keep them updated with new offers and discounts relevant to them. We make sure they are engaged with fun new innovations to the platform. We ensure they are entertained with regular competitions and promotions. And we keep you informed of the results.