Launch of the National Free School Meals Voucher Scheme

Edenred is pleased to have launched the National Free School Meals Voucher Scheme on behalf of the Department for Education to support parents through the latest period of lockdown.

The scheme went live on Monday 18 January processing over 4,600 orders from schools worth £9.18m by lunchtime. A total of 6,500 orders were placed by the end of the afternoon when nearly £1.13m of eCodes had been redeemed into supermarket eGift cards by families.

By the end of Wednesday 10 March, 120,000 orders had been placed by schools and more than £93m of eCodes had already been redeemed into supermarket gift cards for families.

For more details about the launch and ordering and fulfilment process and frequently asked questions you can read our guidance for schools here and for parents here.

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