Employee Savings & Discount Schemes (Whitepaper)

Salary is the biggest area of pain for your employees at the moment. According to the 2013 Edenred Barometer which looked into employee attitudes to Pay and Benefits, more employees are worried about their wages than work-life balance or job security.

Five years of belt tightening and sustained increases in the cost of living mean employees are feeling the pinch as their bank accounts are taking more strain than ever.

You may not be able to pay your people more but an employee savings and discounts scheme can give access to a range of discounts on everything from day-to-day groceries to holidays and meals out throughout the year. It can give your employees a substantial pay boost and make a difference to the end of month budget.

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Author: Edenred UK | Category: Whitepaper | 07/08/2013 | 0

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