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Edenred UK - My Cards

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The essential phone app for Compliments Cards, Incentive Award Card & Ticket Restaurant® card holders

Once you’ve activated your card download the app to find out:

  • Your real-time card balance
  • Where you can spend your card
  • Where to get the best deals by using our retailer promotions

If you have more than one Compliments Card, Incentive Award Card or a Ticket Restaurant® Card simply add on all of your cards and switch between to make shopping even easier.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get it?

The app is available on iOS and Android operating systems. To visit the relevant app store for your phone’s operating system, click on one of the buttons above.


How do I add my cards?

  1. Install the app and launch it
  2. Select the menu button on the top right of your screen
  3. Then select ‘Add a new card’. 
  4. Once you are on the ‘add a new card’ screen, enter your name (it’s really important that it matches how your name appears on the front of the card)
  5. Enter the serial number of your card, which you can find on the very top right on the reverse on your card. Just above the magnetic strip.
        Compliments Card Serial Number
  6. Once you have done this accept the terms and conditions then press the add card button.

How do I search for outlets and promotions somewhere else?

To find outlets and promotions in a different location, go to the home screen of the app, and touch ‘Enter a location’. Start typing the location and select the correct one from the dropdown that appears.

To reset back to your current location press ‘X’


Where is the serial number?

The serial number is located on the back of the card, just above the magnetic strip on the right hand side.

Compliments Card Serial Number


I can’t get my card to add?

In the majority of cases this is due to the card not being activated. Your card must be activated first, and that’s really easy. To activate your Compliments Card call:

0333 4000018 (Chip & PIN card)

If you need a card activation code: click here


need to update my location – how do I do that?

Sometimes, your device may not have refreshed your location, depending on the settings of your device. To ‘force’ your device to update your location, select the location icon on the home screen to refresh your location.

Check your Compliments Card Balance
Where to spend your Compliments Card

Card Activation

To activate your Compliments Card call:

0333 4000018 (Chip & PIN card)

0333 4000960 (Signature card)

If you need a card activation code
click here

The 8 digit card serial number can be found on the back of the card as shown below: