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What are Compliments Vouchers and where can I spend them?

Compliments Vouchers are multi-store gift vouchers that can be spent at a huge number of retailers. Our retail network covers the leading names in every category, department stores, fashion, electrical, leisure, eating out and more. Find out where you can spend  Compliments Vouchers here.


Do Compliments Vouchers have an expiry date?

Yes, the expiry date for each individual voucher is printed on the front or back of the voucher. Compliments Vouchers must be used by their expiry date as they cannot be replaced.


My Compliments Vouchers have been lost or stolen.

Compliments Vouchers should be treated in the same way as Cash. We are unable to stop or replace any lost or stolen vouchers. 


If my purchase is more than the value of my Compliments Vouchers can I add another form of payment?

Yes you can part pay with your Compliments Vouchers. When making your purchase make it clear that you wish to pay the remainder by another means such as cash or card.


Can I exchange my Compliments Vouchers for different denominations?

Unfortunately we are unable to change the denominations of the vouchers you have been awarded.


If my purchase is less than the value of my Compliments Vouchers, will I receive change?

The general rule is that retailers won’t give change from Compliments Vouchers. Some retailers may offer change in the form of their own vouchers but this is at the discretion of the retailer.


What happens if I lose my Compliments Vouchers or they are stolen?

Compliments Vouchers should be treated like cash, they cannot be replaced if lost or stolen. Always keep them in a safe place.


Can Compliments Vouchers be used outside of the UK?

As Compliments Vouchers are only available in £ Sterling, they can only be used in the UK.


Do any retailers accept Compliments Vouchers online?

No, Compliments Vouchers cannot be redeemed online.


Can Compliments Vouchers be used to make telephone purchases?

Yes, there are a number of retailers that offer a telephone ordering service, where the goods or services are ordered via telephone and you are requested to send your Compliments Vouchers by post to complete your purchase. It is recommended that when Compliments Vouchers are posted they are sent by a secure means such as special delivery. Please see the shopping page for a list of telephone only retailers.


Can Compliments Vouchers only be spent at high street stores?

There are also selected independent retailers who accept  Compliments Vouchers and these are broken down by region. See the shopping page for more details.


Can Compliments Vouchers be used to pay off Store cards or Store accounts?

No, they can be used to purchase goods only.

Can I receive a refund on goods bought with my Compliments Vouchers?

Yes, you can receive a refund on goods purchased with Compliments Vouchers. Please note that the retailer may refund in cash or with their own vouchers. The refund method is at the discretion of the retailer.

Where to Spend Compliments Vouchers

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