Compliments Select

Every company wants to take their performance to another level. To create a platform for future growth and prosperity. So we thought we'd save you the trouble and create one for you.

Compliments Select is an online reward platform that lets you issue almost any kind of reward, of any value, to any recipient, in any location - whether you're looking to reward employees, channel partners or customers.  

The choice on offer is unsurpassed. A rewards & incentives heaven that covers the full Compliments range. Multi-store and single-store retail cards and vouchers, travel and experience days. You name it, we've got it, your people get it when you say the word.  

A few features to consider

  • Simple, easy to use, self-administered value based rewards platform.
  • On demand rewards - Reward anyone, anywhere at any time.
  • Track awards redemption.
  • The widest selection of voucher & gift card rewards for your

Why Consider Edenred?

The platform itself is a wonder of ease and convenience. Totally transparent and totally customisable. Your incentive manager simply logs into the administration area to issue reward codes of appropriate value to whoever they like, whenever they like. The recipient will then receive a personalised email or letter with their unique code, along with a link to the Compliments Select reward platform. There they'll find details of all the different rewards that are available to them, select which options they want to redeem from and which retailers. Then, throughout your scheme, we can provide you with management information detailing how and when your rewards have been used, and ultimately how much your people value it. 

Nobody can match the choice, the functionality or the simplicity of Compliments Select. So join a select bunch of companies who are already reaping the benefits of increased engagement, motivation and productivity by implementing your scheme today.

Let us find the best solution for you, enquire online here 

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How can we help? 

How can we help?

Give us a call on 

0843 453 0209*


Or enquire online here >


How can we help? 

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