Compliments Flex

We’d never try to tell your employees what to do with their hard earned money. But that was before we’d invented Compliments Flex.

Compliments Flex is a shopping card onto which an employee can choose to load a proportion of their salary each month. It might be £50. It might be £500. But whatever amount they do load on, we’ll add on an extra 5% for free.

Then they can head out and use the card at over 110 participating retailers all over the UK. Or they can stay in and use it to make purchases online or over the phone. But whether they choose to buy clothes or cooking utensils, holidays or hats, they’ll always get to spend a bit of free money every single month.

Of course, more money for them means more appreciation, motivation and engagement from them for you and your company. Another reason why implementing Compliments Flex shouldn’t be too complicated a decision.

Simply offer it as part of your Flexible Benefits scheme and let your employees decide for themselves whether to sign up for a card. But with that extra 5% of totally free money, don’t be surprised if it soon achieves 100% take up amongst your staff.

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