Edenred Ticket Restaurant card - French users can now pay for their lunches with Google Pay

Edenred teams up with Google Pay from the time of its launch in France, to enable the 650,000 users of its Ticket Restaurant® card to pay for their lunches with their Android smartphones or their connected Google watches in all affiliated restaurants and shops equipped with a contactless payment terminal.

A quick, easy, and secure means of payment for employee lunch breaks 

Once they have entered their Ticket Restaurant card in the Google Pay application, employees simply have to authenticate themselves with their fingerprint or a code, and make a contactless payment on the payment terminal with their smartphone.

Every Ticket Restaurant card transaction made with Google pay is secured using tokenization. The payment data is never shared, but is replaced with a unique dynamic code that protects the account and the confidentiality of the user’s personal data.

An added bonus for the Ticket Restaurant card

Thanks to mobile payments, users no longer need to keep their cards with them. If they lose their card or forget their PIN, they can use their smartphones to make a contactless payment. Once mobile payments have been activated, the card can still be used normally.

This service is combined with the numerous possibilities already offered by the Ticket Restaurant card: payment to the nearest cent, geolocation of nearby restaurants, meal delivery, real-time balance checking, canceling a lost or stolen card, and access to promotional offers.

Edenred: a unique positioning in digitalization

As a pioneer of electronic meal vouchers, Edenred is the first issuer on the market to enter a partnership with Google Pay in France. After the launches of Apple Pay in July 2016 and Samsung Pay in April 2018, the Group has now become the only meal vouchers issuer to provide the users of its solution with a multi-brand payment offer, in partnership with the three main OEM suppliers (Original Equipment Manufacturers) that covers all the makes of smartphone available on the market.

The shift-to-digital of Edenred’s Ticket Restaurant solution on the French market has been ramping up, reinforced by the rise of mobile payments in France. Between 2017 and 2018, the number of transactions made by users of the Ticket Restaurant card with their smartphones increased by 35%.

This new partnership with Google Pay in France again proves that digital technology is a major source of growth for Edenred. We are addressing the new use practices in the working world by providing the most innovative mobile payment solutions to our users,” declared Julien Tanguy, General Manager, Edenred France.

With more than 10 million mobile transactions made in 2017 using its multi-brand mobile payment offer in partnership with the main OEMs, or with proprietary solutions on three continents (Europe, Latin America and Asia), Edenred has consolidated its position as a pioneer and a leader in this technology.



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