How Edenred products boost employee performance

uploaded on 21 September 2023

A leading, global supplier of employee solutions, Edenred offers two powerful products that can be used in multiple ways to nurture and sustain high levels of employee performance, Select and Prepaid cards. Designed to be easy-to-use, time-efficient for HR to administer and cost effective for employers, these solutions can be used to support a long-term strategic approach to employee engagement or short-term, tactical interventions.


What are Select and Prepaid cards?

Put simply Select and Prepaid cards enable employers to transfer reward quickly, securely, and efficiently to employees. Here’s how they work:

Select enables employers to send a personalised digital reward eCode of any value, to any recipient, in any location in minutes for a more engaging reward experience. The product provides customisable email templates to cover a wide range of scenarios, from a simple thank you to festive celebrations, birthdays, long service, new baby and many more. To provide a personal touch, the organisation’s brand can be added, and managers can write messages in their own words.

Easy to set up, send or download, recipients can swap their eCode for a huge range of eGift cards and gift cards, including John Lewis, Currys, M&S, and many more big brand names.

Edenred also offers a fully personalised and brandable range of Mastercard® prepaid cards. These enable employers to deliver a financial reward in a safe and secure way that recipients can redeem against a huge choice of options.

The Incentive Award card can be spent at millions of retailers within the entire Mastercard® network. Compliments card is a multi-store shopping card that can be spent with a huge range of retailers, while Ticket Restaurant can be spent in supermarkets, restaurants and food outlets across the UK.

Our prepaid cards also come with a handy app for users and are compatible with Apple and Google Pay for safe and fast digital wallet payments.

Both solutions can be used in multiple ways to drive a culture of appreciation and high performance. To give you an idea of their versatility, here are four ways our clients currently use our products to drive a high-performance culture.

4 ways clients use Edenred products to drive high performance


  1. Motivate, recognise, and reward staff
    Edenred clients use our Select and prepaid cards to support a strategic recognition and reward programme and to distribute spot rewards such as end of year gifts or for a specific performance campaign. Now that hybrid and non-office working models are the norm clients can digitally distribute reward, quickly and securely across a dispersed workforce.

  2.  Incentivise sales staff
    Similarly, clients use Edenred Select and pre-paid cards to support sales incentive schemes. Staff receive reward as soon as they achieve a sales target or sell a promoted product. As with recognition the fact that an employee can choose a reward that is meaningful to them makes it a more powerful incentive. When an employee purchases something with their reward it reminds them of the relationship between their hard work and the reward, encouraging further high performance.

  3. Support employee financial wellbeing
    Select provides a non-salary way for employers to increase the overall financial position of employees. Throughout the cost-of-living crisis more employers have used Select and Ticket Restaurant to help reduce employee financial stress, a significant factor affecting performance.

    Through Select, employees have access to a wide range of benefits, including discounts and offers from partner retailers including supermarkets. This helps employees save money on their everyday expenses, reducing financial pressure and allowing them to focus more on their work.

    Similarly, employers are using Ticket Restaurant to help cover lunch costs. This financial relief not only boosts morale but also helps employees better manage their finances, leading to reduced stress levels and increased concentration on work-related tasks.

  4. Create a positive culture and employee experience
    Our products are even used to support team bonding, enabling employees to purchase food and drink at away days, on a team night out, or a virtual team huddle.

Increase productivity and performance with Edenred's products

Edenred products can be used in multiple ways to boost employee performance. If you’d like to find out how they can drive high performance in your own organisation, book a free demo with our friendly team.

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