Edenred spends an ideal day at local foodbanks

uploaded on 14 July 2022

Edenred spends an ideal day at local foodbanks

Edenred staff from the London and Chester offices spent the company’s global volunteering day supporting a cause close to their heart - feeding local communities.

Volunteers from the London office laced up their trainers and walked out with the Felix Project’s Green Team who collect surplus fresh food from local restaurants for immediate delivery to local charities.  The walking service ensures recipients receive fresh food in date and tip top condition.

The importance of this work hit home when the Edenred volunteers delivered to a charity that supports adults recovering from substance abuse.  Michelle Kujawa said, “It was a powerful and moving experience to arrive at the charity and see recovering addicts queuing to receive fresh food and what that meant to them.”

Edenred also organised a food collection.  In total the London office collected 144.3 kg of food for the Westminster Foodbank, next door to Westminster Cathedral. 

The delivery was gratefully received by food bank manager, Heather Neufville, who explained, “We really needed this delivery.  We depend on deliveries from locals rather than supermarkets. The cost of living crisis has hit people in this area hard which means donations are down at a time when demand is increasing.  We really appreciate all the help we can get from local businesses.”

Food and furniture

On the same day, volunteers from Edenred’s Chester office delivered 77.22 kg of food donations to the West Cheshire Foodbank.  They also delivered office furniture to kit out the warehouse office. 

Staff sorted 30 crates worth of food into emergency parcels and helped to load them onto  the van for delivery to schools, charities and homes across the local area.  Volunteer Kerry Edwards reflected, “It was an eyeopener to see the sheer volume of food the foodbanks needs to meet the demand for food from local people.”

Edenred Sales Director, Colin Hodgson, said, “A big thank you to all Edenred staff who gave their time to support these worthwhile causes, that’s Sharon Clarke, Kerry Edwards, Emma Gee and Melissa Booth from the Chester office. Rachel Mildon, Michelle Kujawa, Joanna Crane, Mark Everton and Andrew Peel from the London Office.  And a heartfelt thank you to all staff that contributed food for both collections.

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