Edenred prepares emergency food parcels

uploaded on 10 May 2022

Edenred prepares emergency food parcels

Edenred continues to support the West Cheshire Foodbank.  Last week, volunteers delivered food donations collected by the Chester office.  They spent the day sorting, weighing and packing them into emergency parcels.

These have become a life-line for many families as the cost of living crisis deepens.  Recipients are referred to the foodbank by social workers.  The foodbank then creates a parcel to meet the specific needs of an individual or family, whether that’s formula, nappies and food for a family struggling to afford to feed their young children or an elderly person who cannot afford the increase in their energy bill to heat food.

May Roberts, who is responsible for organising food donation collections at Edenred’s Chester office says she is grateful to staff for their ongoing generosity.  “Unlike the bigger foodbanks which receive daily deliveries from supermarkets, West Cheshire relies on donations from individuals and the occasional donation from a supermarket.”

Reflecting on their experience, Edenred volunteers Beth and Owen said, “We had a really enjoyable time and encourage any of our friends at the Chester office to sign up for the next volunteer day.  It was an eye-opener to discover the challenges staff at the foodbank face to provide support to vulnerable families in our local area.”

Edenred Director, Colin Hodgson said, “A huge thank you to the team at West Cheshire Foodbank for hosting our volunteers.  Unfortunately, the grim reality is the foodbank is issuing 36% more emergency parcels than before the pandemic. As the cost of living crisis continues this is only going to get worse.  We are looking forward to our next day with you.” 

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