Compliments Select

The quick and easy way to give instant online rewards and incentives to your employees or customers, or in fact – anyone!

Compliments Select is a new online reward platform that lets you issue almost any kind of reward, of any value, to any recipient - whether you're looking to reward employees, channel partners or customers.  

The choice on offer is unsurpassed. A rewards & incentives heaven that covers our Compliments range of vouchers, multi-store and single-store retail cards, vouchers, instant eGift Cards, travel and experience days. There’s only three simple steps to order, and three simple steps for the recipient to redeem the reward of their choice.

To order:

  1. Create - upload the details of the recipient(s) and the value of their eCodes
  2. Personalise - write messages for the group of recipients or individually, brand your emails or use one of our many exciting templates
  3. Confirm - Review, pay and off it goes

To redeem:

  1. Ping - Email arrives with a unique eCode to redeem
  2. Select - The recipient chooses what they want from the easy-to-use site (featuring over 80 top retailers)
  3. Receive – Digital eGift Cards arrive instantly, alternatively Cards and vouchers are shipped in no time

A few features to consider

  • No complicated contracts, but easy to set up
  • Personalise your emails with your own messages
  • Choose from a library of email templates, or adapt the
    templates to suit your needs
  • Huge range of instant eGift Cards, Gift Cards and Vouchers
    to choose from

Why Consider Edenred?

The ordering process is easy, intuitive and easily scalable, from one-off orders or to company-wide recognition, Compliments Select takes the hassle out of ordering. You simply login to the administration area to issue reward e-codes of appropriate value to whoever you like, whenever you like, you can send them instantly or arrange them to go when it suits you. 

The recipient will receive a personalised email with their unique code, along with a link to the Compliments Select reward platform, where they'll find details of all the different rewards that are available to them including vouchers, cards and eGift Cards.

Throughout your scheme, we can provide you with management information detailing how and when your rewards have been used, and ultimately how much your people value it. Nobody can match the choice, functionality or the simplicity of Compliments Select. 

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