Food Programme

Presentation of the FOOD project: Fighting Obesity through Offer and Demand

Eager to further its commitment to obesity prevention, Edenred has formed alliances with political, economic and social experts across Europe.

The FOOD programme started as a pilot project in 2008 in response to a call for proposal of the European Commission.

Launched by the Directorate General for SANCO (Health and Consumer Affairs), this call was extended to inspire proposals on the subject of counteracting obesity and fighting inequalities of access to a balanced diet.

The FOOD programme aims to act on both supply (offer) and demand by: 

  • positively influencing the lifestyle and habits of European consumers
  • raising awareness about balanced nutrition among restaurant professionals and improve their offer.

Renowned partners

During the co-funding phase from the European Commission, the project has succeeded in motivating up to 35 public and private partners for a two-year period in six European countries: Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Italy, Spain and Sweden.

These partners are: 

  • Public Health Authorities
  • Research institutes
  • Universities
  • National programs
  • Edenred national units

More than 100 tools have been developed to make it easier for the following entities to implement recommendations that promote a balanced diet towards the two target groups:

  • restaurants (kitchen chefs, restaurant managers, staff members) 
  • companies (employees). 

The communication tools and initiatives have raised awareness in 350,000 restaurants and over 4,000,000 employees.

All of these tools can be downloaded at free of charge from the programme’s website, which is available in seven languages.

Visit the FOOD program site

Promising initial results

On May 31st, 2011, the partners presented the results of the pilot phase to the European Parliament. They discussed employee's eating habits and reviewed innovative, practical tools deployed by the FOOD project to promote balanced nutrition to restaurant managers and employees.

They also called for new partners with new expertise to join their consortium.

The development of the FOOD project and its results led to the publication of a report that is available for download on the dedicated website.

On December 14th, 2011, in light of the project’s excellent results, its partners decided to continue under a long-term programme to perpetuate the efforts made, even after the official end of the co-financing period.

New countries and partners have already joined the consortium:

  • Slovakia joined in February 2011, via its National Public Health Authority and Edenred's national office. 
  • Portugal's Ministry of Health also came on board, alongside Edenred, in December 2011.

Partnerships are being conducted for a better and stronger development of the programme in the existing countries as well as in new countries. 

You can follow the latest FOOD programme's news on the website and through social media:

FOOD website

FOOD blog

Facebook page

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