Edenred in Action – The British Medical Association (BMA) Case Study

The Association has a diverse workforce, with around over 900 employees, working across multiple sites and approximately 150 homeworkers.

The Association recognised the need to review its employee rewards and a flexible benefits platform was introduced.

This was a new concept for the Association and it was very important to get both the communication and the offering right.

Getting the brand right

In November 2012, the yourReward brand was created and Employee Discounts was launched as the first phase enabling employees to familiarise themselves with the yourReward website. The second phase was introduced in May 2013 launching flexible benefits, currently offered by the Association (e.g. childcare and pension), and Salary Exchange.

The yourReward brand incorporates four sub brands:

-    yourDiscounts

-    yourHealth

-    yourLifestyle

-    yourFinance

Separating the different offerings provides a clear distinction between the groups of benefits whilst making it easy for employees to access the information that is relevant to them.

Getting the communication right

Nav Makhan, Pensions Manager at the Association, says, “Whilst the benefits are there to add value to employees and provide choice, any change can provoke concern amongst our workforce.

Effective communication was a must and Edenred helped us using a variety of communication channels to ensure we were able to reach and engage with the different groups across the Association. This ensured a smooth launch and good take-up.”

A teaser email was sent to all staff, electronic bulletin board messages uploaded and table topper flyers were placed in certain areas of the building, ahead of the launch, so that employees were aware something was coming.

A personalised postcard with online log-in information was sent out to the employees’ home address. The idea was to make it personal, encourage employees to access the website and highlight that the Association is responsive to the ever changing needs of its workforce both at work and home.

The Association and Edenred team designed a brochure which was given to employees at work, with further information about each individual benefit. FAQs were created and uploaded onto the staff intranet.

To ensure no questions were left unanswered, the team held seminars at the Association offices across the UK where employees could ask questions about yourReward.


The launch of yourReward has generated much interest amongst staff and regular communication has encouraged both regular usage and areas of improvement.

Over 80% of employees have logged into the website since its launch twelve months ago and for the Employee Discounts part alone, this has generated over £5,000 worth of savings for the Association employees.

Overall this has been a great success and been well received, which is due to hard work, the research undertaken, the strong brand and communications provided.

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What The British Medical Association said:

“Effective communication was a must and Edenred helped us using a variety of communication channels to ensure we were able to reach and engage with the different groups across the Association. This ensured a smooth launch and good take-up.”  

Pensions Manager at the Association

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