How to use your card

Each pay day, your employer can pay your wages onto your Premium Prepaid Mastercard® which means instead of giving you cash or a cheque, you can access your money wherever and whenever you like. Premium Prepaid Mastercard® also gives you:

More flexibility

  • Access your money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Top up your card at 34,000 Post Office® and PayPoint locations
  • Get more than one employer to put money on it
  • Take it with you to your next employer

More choice

  • Use it at ATMs to withdraw cash
  • Use it for online purchases
  • Use it at over 38 Million places worldwide including High Street stores,
    supermarkets and restaurants – just look for the Mastercard® acceptance mark
  • Use it to top up your mobile phone
  • Use it to pay your bills


More safety

  • Your card is PIN protected
  • No need to carry all your money in cash
  • If your card is lost or stolen then you can block it so your money is still safe
  • Premium only allows you to spend what’s on the card so you can’t go into debt


More convenience

  • Have up to 4 additional cards so you can share your money with family or friends
    – both in the UK and abroad
  • No need to cash cheques
  • No need to use money orders to transfer money or make payments


Getting started

  1. To activate your card, call 0333 4000345 and follow the simple instructions. You’ll need to enter the 16 digit number found on the front of your card and your activation code which can be found in your welcome letter.
  2. You will then be given your PIN over the phone so you can start using your card. To change your PIN, simply visit any ATM and follow on-screen instructions.
  3. Visit your My Account page to set up your account, check your balance and even make payments. You can also check your balance over the phone using the number above.
  4. Don’t forget to sign the strip on the back of your card before you use it.


Check your balance

It’s really easy to find out how much money you have on your card and you can do this over the phone or online if you set up an account.


If you lose your card or it is stolen

If you lose your card or it is stolen, don’t worry. Just let us know and we will block it so your money is safe and you will then be sent a new one.

To check your balance, report a lost or stolen card, or find out more information, go to My Account or call 0333 4000345.

Login to your Premium Card account

Interested in Premium Prepaid Card as an expense management tool in your business?

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To make sure your enquiry is dealt with by the correct team, please
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Existing Cardholders:
0333 4000345

Lost or stolen card:

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*Calls cost 5p per minute plus your phone company's access charge.