Premium Government Benefits Card

Government and public sector organisations distribute huge amounts of benefits payments all year round. And that usually means huge amounts of cheque and voucher runs, huge amounts of administrative paperwork, and a huge amount of unnecessary costs.

But now the Premium Government Benefits Card in partnership with Mastercard® is here to help. It’s a reloadable prepaid card solution that provides an effective alternative to cheques and cash. 

By paying people electronically, it reduces distribution costs, improves efficiency, and offers increased control and transparency for your systems. And its easy-to-use card format makes things much simpler and much safer for the individuals receiving benefits too. There’s no risk of cheques being lost or stolen, and it’s a much nicer and subtler format than cashing a benefit cheque or voucher. People don’t feel embarrassed – they feel empowered. 

Organisations can electronically disburse a whole host of government benefits using the secure, flexible financial institution platform. Everything from Child Benefit to Job Seeker’s Allowance, Hardship loans for students to Emergency Assistance Programs for people claiming Disaster Relief.  

Implementing the cards is quick and easy. All you need to do is distribute the cards after the recipients’ eligibility has been verified. After that, the payments will be automatically loaded on to the card during each payment cycle. Cardholders can then use their card to pay bills, withdraw cash at ATMs and make purchases at retail locations wherever Mastercard® is accepted. 

By signing up to the scheme, you and your recipients won’t just enjoy the advantages of a great product. You’ll also enjoy the advantages of working with a great company in Edenred. A company with a wealth of knowledge, experience and insight of the prepaid world. We know how to devise successful schemes, we know how to implement effective communications, and we know how to deliver the right results on a global scale.

So you get the premium service to go with the Premium Card.

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