Luncheon Vouchers

They say that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. And we say that the way to an employee's is through Luncheon Vouchers.

After all, people have to eat. And with our Vouchers, they can do so at over 33,000 food outlets nationwide. At coffee shops, sandwich shops, restaurants and fast food outlets. We cater to all tastes.

Millions of employees are currently using Luncheon Vouchers and it’s easy to see the attraction for employers. The Vouchers give you maximum flexibility and control. They're easy to implement. They come in a range of price denominations. And, of course, they can be used every single day of the year by motivated, hungry employees - or any other person you choose to give them to for that matter. In fact, lots of research companies use them as small level rewards, lots of travel companies use them as small delay payments and lots of event companies use them as a means of feeding temporary staff. The list goes on and on.

Plus, unlike a cash allowance for food, Luncheon Vouchers are highly visible items. So, every time someone uses them to munch, crunch, sip or slurp, they'll always be reminded of what nice people you are and what a nice company you run.
Implementation-wise, it's up to you whether you want to use them as one-off rewards or for on-going food expenses. You'll find them equally effective when positioned as part of employee recognition and reward schemes, general performance and behavioural rewards, in loyalty programmes, or as rewards in suggestion schemes or sales incentives programmes.

We have been producing Luncheon Vouchers since the 1950s and thousands (if not millions) of employees around the world have benefited. But don't just take our word for it. The proof of the pudding really is in the eating.

With our online ordering system, it's instant.

You can order Luncheon Vouchers through the Edenred Online Ordering system, minimising admin and hassle for you. Benefits of our system include:

  • Quickly place instant orders online through a secure and easy-to-use website
  • Multiple payment options including instant proforma invoice generation
  • Manage multiple users and individual permission levels
  • Manage an address book for multiple delivery points
  • View statements, pending orders and more

A few features to consider

  • Accepted at over 33,000 outlets nationwide, so sure to cater for all tastes.
  • Simple & easy to use as either a reward or for on-going food
  • Online maps & outlet locator.
  • There is always someone to help you and your employees from
    dedicated account management and customer service support.

Why Consider Edenred?

Vouching for Employee Benefits schemes

  • Late workers can use Luncheon Vouchers to grab a bite on the way home
  • Encourages lunch breaks which help de-stress, reduce lethargy and increase concentration

Vouching for Rewards & Loyalty schemes

  • They make a great peace offering to make it up to an employee for something
  • They make a great “thank you” at the end of the month or at Christmas

Vouching for Expense Management schemes

  • Workers who clock up the miles for their job can clock up their meals en route with Luncheon Vouchers
  • They're also ideal to use during off-site training, and for delegates at meetings or seminars

"We’ve used Luncheon Vouchers for many years as an employee benefit – our staff really appreciate the versatility and convenience.

Edenreds' approach has always been friendly, prompt and efficient - no impersonal call centres!"



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