Incentives and Rewards

  • Connect Recognition
    Connect uses innovative SaaS technology to deliver efficient and effective employee recognition programmes that make a measureable difference to employee engagement.
  • Connect Incentive
    The online reward platform that makes participation and engagement the number 1 priority
  • Select eReward Codes
    On demand rewards - reward anyone, anywhere, at any time.
  • Incentive Award Card
    Give your people a feeling of prestige, worth and appreciation. Maximum acceptance and choice to maximise engagement and motivation.
  • Compliments Vouchers
    The most widely accepted multi-store gift voucher on the market. Maximum choice to deliver maximum participation, appreciation and engagement.
  • Compliments Card
    The most widely accepted multi-store gift card on the market. A powerful way to put your brand in the reward recipients' pockets.
  • Compliments Experiences
    An exciting, innovative way to take team building and participation to the next level. An action-packed addition to your incentive & reward programme.
  • Compliments Passport
    An incredible range of destinations to take appreciation and engagement to new heights. A memorable addition to your incentive & reward programme.
  • Ticket Restaurant®
  • Retailer Cards & Vouchers
    Retailer Cards & Vouchers are simple to implement, straightforward to administer and easy to use. Plus, they allow you to align your company with a big, recognisable brand from the high street.
  • Christmas Rewards

Incentives and Rewards

Some say the secret to a happy, motivated workforce is to treat everyone the same. But at Edenred, we say treat everyone differently. Treat each person as an individual with different personalities, interests and motivations and you’ll notice the difference in performance right away.

It’s this mantra that makes us design Incentives and Rewards that cater to the individual, never adopting the one size fits all approach.  We offer the widest range of multi-channel reward & gift products with the widest choice of redemption options. 

A few features to consider

  • You have the widest choice of incentive & reward products & solutions
    across paper, card and digital channels.
  • Your recipients have the widest choice of redemption options.
  • Expertise in motivating change across employee, 3rd party and
    customer audiences.
  • An award winning service with Local and International reach.
    Why Consider Edenred?

We provide products such as Compliments that boast unrivalled reward choice. We let your people choose the reward that’s right for them, and let your company reap the benefit with maximum ROI.  

So, whether you’re trying to motivate future performance or reward recent achievements, Edenred has the experience and capabilities on a local, national and international level to help you get to where you want to go.

And whether you’re looking for gifts for a specific reward programme such as long service awards, re-seller programs, sales incentives or want to brainstorm on a wider reward & recognition strategy, we’d love to sit down and talk. The world is built on connections - Edenred’s technology brings you and your most important connections together.

The world is built on connections - Edenred’s technology brings you and your most important connections together.

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