How to use your Eyecare Vouchers

How to use your Eyecare Vouchers

The Eyecare Voucher Scheme where everyone sees the benefits

Eyecare Vouchers are usually distributed by your employers to make sure you get the proper eyecare you’re entitled to if you work on visual display units (VDUs) or drive for work purposes. They can also be used to pay for prescription safety spectacles.

Research shows that 70% of employees have experienced blurred vision, headaches or migraines as a result of using a computer at work. Clearly, it’s important to look after your eyes – but a survey of UK workers shows that one in five has not had their eyes tested in five years.

Eyecare vouchers are a way of helping you get the eyecare you need quickly and conveniently.

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Please check with your optician that they are still accepting Edenred Eyecare Vouchers before booking your appointment.

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How do Edenred Eyecare Vouchers work?

  • Receive eyecare vouchers from employer


    Your employer will give you your Eye examination vouchers either when you ask for them or automatically.

  • Use eyecare voucher to cover the cost of eye test


    You can then use them to cover the cost of a full eye test with an optician of your choice. Edenred corporate eyecare vouchers are accepted by over 96% of optometrists across the UK.

  • Receive Spectacles voucher for VDU work


    If you need glasses specifically for VDU work, your employer will give you a Spectacles voucher to cover the cost.

  • Choose glasses at opticians that accept Eyecare Vouchers


    You can then choose the pair of glasses you really want at any opticians where Eyecare Vouchers are accepted.