International Women’s Day: Meet Sinéad, head of product, innovation and customer experience at Edenred

uploaded on 7 March 2024

We’re delighted to be celebrating International Women’s Day 2024. The theme this year is ‘Inspire Inclusion’. Someone who certainly inspires inclusion here at Edenred is Sinéad O’Gorman, Edenred’s Head of product management, innovation and customer experience. She spoke to us about her career path, what ‘Women in Tech’ means to her, and why she feels a connection with both dolphins and Leonardo Da Vinci.

Let’s start with your professional life. Who are you?

"I’m an accomplished product leader in software and FMCG solutions with proven experience of delivering market leading products from concept to successful adoption, growth and revenue. I have a track record of leading strategy and inspiring teams to think big and deliver value outcomes for raving fans."

Tell us about your career path at Edenred

"A product and innovation leadership career path involving creating, developing, and launching new products or services, using market research, ideation, and strategic planning to drive innovation to meet and exceed customer needs in SaaS solutions. I have been a recipient of a gold employee excellence award out of 12,000 employees globally for platform innovation delivery. My role was expanded to include a focus on a customer experience change management program."

What is your main role today?

"I shape product direction, vision, strategy, value proposition, market positioning and competitive landscape of our SaaS platforms. Within this I drive innovation and foster teams in delivering solutions that create value for customers with sustainable growth. I also engage and empower the organisation to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty through personalized interactions and great service."

When people say ‘women in tech’, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

"Inspired, breaking barriers, leading innovation, and shaping the future of tech. Their contributions drive diversity and inspire the next generation of female leaders in STEM."

Now let’s find out a bit more about your life away from the office. What is your favourite moment of the day?

"The morning, watching the sun rise casting a golden glow as a new day of possibilities begins."

If you were an animal, which one would you be?

"A dolphin experiencing the exploration of the ocean worlds, the joy of swimming playfully, and the social bonds of a close-knit pod with a permanent smile."

What is the song you just can’t stop listening to these days?

"As It Was by Harry Styles."

If you were a historical figure, who would you be?

"I'd be Leonardo da Vinci, exploring the worlds of art, science, and invention, creating timeless masterpieces and conceptualizing groundbreaking inventions like the helicopter."

What is your favorite movie of all time?

"I have two…

"The Shawshank Redemption – it’s a powerful story of hope, friendship, and resilience in the face of adversity.

"About Time – a heartwarming story with endearing characters, and a timeless message about love, family, and seizing the moments in life."

Finally, what makes you vibe at Edenred?

"The vibrant culture, innovative mindset, and collaborative setting create a vibe that fuels creativity and growth. It's a place where ideas flourish and people thrive enriching connections to make the world a better place to work in."

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