Case Study

How AECOM increased end of year gift voucher redemption to 92%

uploaded on 22 May 2024

Discover why AECOM chose Select from Reward Gateway | Edenred to transform its end of year gift process.


  • Redemption of gifts increased from 82% to 92%
  • Budget recovered on unredeemed gifts reallocated to other benefits spend
  • Administrators save time with slicker process
  • Employees benefit from rapid voucher redemption and wide choice of retailers

Industry: Infrastructure consulting (planning, engineering, project management and construction services)

Number of UK locations: 40+

Number of UK employees: 6,900+

Solution: Select (end of year recognition)


What they needed:

AECOM has long provided UK employees with an end of year gift as a token of appreciation. Its challenge was that when people did not redeem their gifts, that budget was lost to the business.

This prompted AECOM to seek out a new supplier that would enable it to easily reallocate budget from unredeemed gifts onto other benefits spend. It also wanted to drive up redemption rates with a new system that would be quicker and easier for people to use. And crucially, provide a fantastic range of choice for people when spending their gift.

How we helped:

AECOM chose to switch  from its existing supplier to the Reward Gateway Edenred Select platform – making it easy for the company to recover budget from unredeemed gifts after a swift onboarding process.

Employees can now redeem their eCode vouchers in a couple of minutes and spend them at a huge range of retail and hospitality outlets. And the benefits team are enjoying the new system too. They can personalise and brand emails that contain vouchers – and easily reissue the codes when emails are lost

“Select is such a slick system – the portal is very easy to use as an administrator. It’s great for our people as well, and you can see the proof of that with the increase in take up and engagement we’ve seen.”

- Clair Sears, Benefits Manager Europe, AECOM

What they achieved:

Following its switch to Reward Gateway Edenred, AECOM saw the redemption of its end of year gift vouchers increase to 92% compared to 82% the previous year – providing ample evidence that Select is a simple and effective way to get more people engaged in the benefits you offer.

AECOM office leaders can now also use the budget recovered from the remaining unredeemed vouchers to support other social events and rewards throughout the year. Employees have also provided proactive, positive feedback on the simplicity of the process and the range of outlets where they can spend their gift. For Benefits Manager Clair Sears, it’s been easy to prove the value of making the move.

“It’s been a win-win situation for everyone. We’re saving time, saving money and providing a better experience for our people. The act of giving a simple gift should be just that – simple. That’s what we’ve been able to achieve.”

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